Corporal Phillip Massey

Armor NCO


Phillip Massey was both a Green Armor Pilot NPC, and a Green Tech NPC.


Massey was a solitary man who took an unusual pride in being a “lone wolf”. As an armor pilot, he projected an attitude of great disdain for “Gro-Pos” or infantry, claiming it was their responsibility to clear the way for the heavier machines and pilots to come forward and “do the real work”. Massey avoided emotional attachments to anyone or anything. “You look out for #1, because no one else is going to”, was his stock answer when under-going criticism regarding his lack of cooperation with his assigned units. He transferred quite a bit and had many different units.

At heart, he was a coward. Massey would not expose his tank except when he had no choice, such as during an assault with a lance of heavy Mechs bearing-down on his position. He was often considered a liability in combat, despite his skills, since he would make mistakes in avoiding damage.

Massey died in a fight with a fellow inmate in the “Danger Zone” of the Pilpala Orion Facility. It was said no one reported his death for a week; he wasn’t missed.

Corporal Phillip Massey

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