Crow is a soldier from the “Dark Caste” pirates captured in single combat by Aurora Dulfer-Jokukad “DJ”.

Something of a leader among her former crew, Crow is notably deceitful in her activities, and given to bashing her way into an authoritative position, rather than thinking matters through carefully. Defeated in single combat, however, she acknowledges that the adventurers have gained her support as a bondsman… but only until she is able to once more assert her own position and authority.

She has few skills beyond those of a combat soldier, beyond a rudimentary knowledge of technical matters forced by her group’s stranding in the System – Hlian. She is a fairly skilled martial artist despite her relative young age, and prefers melee combat over ranged weapons to better “prove her worth”.


Still quite young when she was inducted into the Dark Caste pirates, she has spent several years isolated in the System – Hlian, along with her surviving fellows. She knows little of the greater Inner Sphere, and only the traditions taught her by her fellow pirates.

In mid-August, 3048, she and most of her crew of pirates were “bonded” by “The Legacies”, following a failed single combat with DJ and now serves as a general laborer, though is noted as biding her time until she can assert her authority once more.

In mid-November, it was revealed that she was not originally of Clan Goliath Scorpion, but rather was brought on board “The Scorpio Sidus” as a child by the captain himself, and her blood was integral in activating the second passkey of The Brooch to reveal the third set of clues. She was revealed to originally be of Clan Wolf, and her “real” name was “Fang”.


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