Dame (Major : S-2) Modesty "Viper" Scrope

S-2 Intelligence/Security Officer for the Iron Dingoes


“Dame” Modesty Scrope is an enigma, officially holding the rank of Major in the unit, but preferring her self-proclaimed noble title “Dame”, serves in the command staff completing various tasks as needed by Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik “Dragonfly”. She has taken the lead position in * “The Werewolves”, and has quickly gained a reputation for ruthless action, through force of personality alone. The mission of the Werewolves under her tenure, has been one of “Get it Done, whatever is in our way…”. They have never yet failed a mission.

Noble, and letting everyone around her know it, Modesty Scrope is a blond-haired, grey-eyed and sun-starved woman. Catty, cruel, spiteful and rude, she is still smart and dangerous when cornered. Moxie repeatedly refers to her as “…that scary woman…”. She has a fondness for sometimes exotic weaponry, and the skills to use them.

Modesty is considered a Veteran NPC Spec Ops trooper, with specialties making her Elite in key areas, such as melee combat and performing surveillance work. She has displayed numerous cybernetic enhancements, wired reflexes and potentially a number of deep cavity recording devices; in short, she’s a very good spy, though she won’t talk about what she is truly capable of.

She is also a noted Veteran NPC Bureaucrat, a skilled litigant, and has experience running a small corporation for her former family. She also has a great deal of knowledge of Herotitus and Capellan bureaucratic protocols, but her name has little power or weight anymore among the government of the former, or the present industry of the latter. In some circles, it’s positively reviled. She has Recruit Molly Ishikawa assigned as her Shadow Recruit, who also serves as her attache and liaison with other parts of the Iron Dingoes.

Modesty is typically wearing some form of “modern” gown or formal dress-suit, but as easily wears fatigues and infantry greens in training. In daily wear, she dons a Concealed Ballistic Plate Longcoat (E-F-D : BAR 3/4/4/3 : -1 to PER : Known as “Diplomatic Armor” in high-society circles), wielding a Rapier (A-C-B : BAR 1M/1 : 1 kg), and a matched pair of Dueling Pistols (C-A-C : AP/BD 4B/4 : 6 Shots : RNG 8/18/45/100 : +1 to hit). Otherwise, she uses an Iron Dingoes “Elite” Infantry Field Kit in training and when deployed, though she retains her pistols and rapier even in the field.

Her promotion to Major in early-3043 was not unexpected among most personnel, when * “The Iron Dingoes” reorganized their command structure in the wake of the War of 3039. She presently works at bringing its intelligence operations into top form, particularly as it moves forward into an interstellar level of regional influence.

As the unit’s (S-2) Intelligence/Security Officer, she is responsible for the collection and analyzation of intelligence information regarding the unit’s enemies and to prevent the completion of these same potential enemies form completing their own operations. Both the * Diplomatic Corps (DC) and * “The Werewolves” fall under her control in these regards. She is technically in control of the unit’s advanced travel maps of the local constellations, and and handles all security clearances for the unit’s personnel. She is also technically responsible for oversight of the unit’s physical security and intelligence, and has a subsidiary seat on the Command Council itself.



Modesty’s origins are shrouded in mystery, though she admits her earliest memories were of being in a refugee camp in Kalyros, Greece on Terra. The tale of her journey from eight-year-old refugee orphan to twenty-something cybernetic assassin is something she won’t relate, though even she admits parts of it remain murky and beyond her recollection.

Modesty Scrope is a noted lawyer and bureaucrat, with all the skills expected of a formerly successful leader of a small corporation. Her noble family, the Scropes of Heroditus, were into a variety of underhanded schemes, all of which fell to pieces during the “School of Hard Knocks” incident, when they tried to gain access to The Colony of Little Heavens untapped drug trade potential. Her family has since abandoned its assets on System – Heroditus (which were subsequently seized by the Libertine Council), and then seemingly attached herself to the Iron Dingoes, more as protection from further attempts on her life than anything else.

Modesty has shown a slight spot of kindness (although it might just be her devious attitude) towards Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”. Regardless, she and he were lovers for many years. She has fit in well with the training routines of the Line Infantry units, and has been openly accepted, though she does not involve herself with them outside training operations. Perhaps, above all, she has remained uninvolved in any activity beyond those required by her training and spends countless hours pouring through the Dingoes growing data base, and working with Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo” in the unit’s Command & Control.

With the death of Wraith in 3029, she concentrated on training, and expressed her interests in expanding the force in the coming years. By the time the unit had returned to Dumassas in mid-3030, she was ready to concentrate on the expansion of the force, and spent some time, upon return, discussing training techniques for the next generation of infantry troopers with Master Tech Keiko Ishikawa.

In early-February, 3031, Viper was formally offered the position as Unit S-3 : Head of Training/Spec Ops, which she accepted. She immediately bent her efforts to planning for the eventual expansion of the Battle Armored force, and largely retired from her active position in the Werewolves, spending the next few months investigating existing infantry formations for possible recruits. She placed Trooper Alexandra Fornesca in command, promoting her to full lieutenant, while the unit assimilated their new recruit, Trooper “Scarlet Jade”.

Over the next decade, Viper spent much of her time trying to recruit almost exclusively from within the Iron DIngoes own increasingly large landholds, and building existing formations to their fullest strength. The losses taken on Elidere IV and elsewhere in the War of 3039, by * “The Dire Dingoes” and * “The Dead Man’s Hand” refocused much of this effort, but by 3045, the unit was considered once more at full strength, largely due to its access to internal sources of war materiel and troopers/pilots.

In early-3043, as part of the unit’s reorganization process, she was promoted to full Major, and given the portfolio of the unit’s (S-2) “Intelligence/Security” Officer on the Command Council. Leaving much of her training operations behind, she took charge of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, as well as its subsidiary units, the * Diplomatic Corps (DC), and * “The Werewolves”.

Dame (Major : S-2) Modesty "Viper" Scrope

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