Colonel Robinson Gonzalez del Rio

Former Warlord of the Antiquia District


Colonel Robinson Gonzalez del Rio was warlord of The District of Antiquia of The Republic of Sangria during the 1000 Days war. He held not only the valuable coal mines of that district, but its electrical plants and the Indumil munitions plant in the district, making him very powerful and capable of defending what he could hold. He also had control of various other important manufacturing plants in the district, making him wealthy. While he controlled a valuable coffee production region, he allowed most of the farmers do their own thing, protecting their farms simply by his presence, and taking taxes from exports. He took a personal interest in the safety of the district’s coal exports.

Colonel del Rio was a typical warlord, considered a Regular NPC Military Leader, with notable skills in Administration, Computers and Small Arms. He seemed to have very little of interest outside his tasks as a military commander, though this proved to be a facade.

Most considered him an unprincipled, but good commander, though he was not known for his love of politics, nor having any nationalist tendencies. He had built a working relationship with General Pierre Garza, and stayed in communique with Garza’s offices regularly until his untimely death.


Colonel Robinson Gonzalez del Rio is the former commander of the 1st (Royal) Armored Battalion, the only fully armored unit kept in the military arsenal in Sangria. Equipped with Vedette Medium Tanks, APC-armed rifle infantry and a handful of FLE-4 Fleas, it was a force to be reckoned with.

When the wars began in 3021, following the assassination of the the president of The Republic of Sangria, he managed to hold the electrical plants and coal mines of the province. The assault by unknown Mech forces on the electrical plants and Indumil’s “Santa Boyaca Factory”, caused a great deal of damage to his forces, and Colonel del Rio spent the next couple months trying to restore order and electrical power to the nation.

By late 3021, Colonel del Rio was back in control, having lured several unattached Guardia Civilia forces from the local capital at Valledupar, and secured the rest of the province. Following a deal with General Pierre Garza in late 3022, he was able to secure fuel shipments from the San Succi refinery, and business was returning much to normal.

In the years since, Colonel del Rio had consolidated his forces, and secured a number of small mercenary troops (three separate company-sized forces), as well as built a number of local militia forces ( Guradia Civilia ) to hold the munitions factory in the district. His mercenaries spent most of their time escorting the district’s coal shipments south to The District of Guaviare via rail. The mercs then escorted the empty trains back north to their origin, allowing the local forces to ensure the shipments continued south and east via Rio Verdi coal barges to Ciudad Garcia.

On March 2nd, 3025, Colonel del Rio was found dead in his Palacio, of an apparent drug overdose. In the days that followed, it was revealed that he had a serious addiction to Black Oil, a corrosive drug exported by the mercenary army under Warlord Vaas Montenegro to fund their military efforts. It was further revealed that he had kept a dozen young girls in his palacio’s cellars for his “personal use”. By March 3rd, General Garza’s forces had begun to move into the district, and by the 9th the entire district had fallen under his control. After a purge of its senior leadership, the military quickly sided with Garza’s Legion and the district was officially a distinct, but nonetheless vital part of Garza’s empire.

Colonel Robinson Gonzalez del Rio

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