Deralzen Hetaxis "NKB"


Something of an enigma, “New Kid on the Block”, or NKB keeps much of his past to himself (as do many of the Iron Dingoes), but has proven disloyal and a traitorous pirate.

NKB is a Regular MechWarrior, piloting a modified WVR-6R Wolverine.

Enemy -4
Darksecret -2
Rank 2
Corrupt / Tramatic moment -1

War Orphan
Adolescent Warfare
military School – did all years including Spec Ops

Shirt on back and very basic clothes ( fatigues )
Wolverine WVR-6K
Covert ops


Hetaxis is a rough-looking asian male, with scars and wear on his face. He looks older than he really is and there is a persistently slight paranoid look to eyes. Very quiet and critical of people’s sudden movements, he seems like a man on the run and with a past in need of hiding.

An independent pilot from House Kurita who is more of a mercenary than a traditional Draconis warrior might be. Though formerly a full-rated Mechwarrior, NKB was reduced to “Senior Cadet” status following an unknown event in his past. He has spent the last few years as a mercenary, employing his family WVR-6R Wolverine, modified as a House Kurita standard 6K-variant.

NKB was an independent hired for the drop on Dunkelheim (along with about two dozen others), but the heavy flak from naval defensive lasers and White Shark torpedoes gutted his transport during initial drop procedures, and forced him into the hills east of the Citadel. He spent several weeks alone, trying to link back with TF29, and eventually found his way to the Citadel. Battered and in need of repairs, he bartered his services to the Iron Dingoes if they would fix his Mech to full operational status, and quickly found a position in the Line units. He had taken a formal position in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”.

During the May invasion of The District of Garcia by The First Fire, NKB chose to turn-coat and fielded in a lance of traitors trying to seize the DropShip “Stone Dog” for their own use. He failed. Along with “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice” and Trooper Kren Toth “Malice”, he fled into Ciudad Garcia with his ancestral Mech, and has not been seen since…

Deralzen Hetaxis "NKB"

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