Doctor Carolyn Lamb

Doctor of Pharmacology, Planetologist of the Iron Dingoes.


Doctor Caroline Lamb is a Veteran Civilian Medical Support NPC. She has several paramedics assigned to assist her in her duties, but due to their relative inexperience, they combine with her experience to form a Regular Squad in the Dingo Pack.

Doctor Lamb leads a handful of paramedics as the 3rd Medical Squad in the Field Medical Group of the * “The Dingo Pack”. Her interest in pharmacology has the ability to refine raw supplies on the side, given time and an ample access to appropriate resources.


Daughter of a senior staff officer from House Liao’s Victoria Commonality, Carolyn originally accepted a position serving on her father’s base. Feelings of estrangement and his increasing demands for her to follow military protocols, however, led her to leave the military after her internship, and travel to Heroditus for “further education opportunities”.

She found she could take extra training on her personal interest in Microbiology studies, and accepted a night shift position at a local resort to pay her way. After several years of studies, she began to run research into the deep jungles searching for a cure to the local illness, “The Origins Plague”. After two years of very rough living, she and her team were successful in isolating and curing the disease, bringing her some local notoriety.

Gaining her MD MBA in Pharmacology, she began looking for something with a better opportunity to travel and explore a thesis in disease research, she noticed the offer of employment by the Iron Dingoes as a Planetologist, and seeing it as a chance to travel to other worlds for a few years, she applied.

Doctor Caroline Lamb leads a small team of paramedics in the Iron Dingoes 3rd Medical Squad of * “The Dingo Pack”. Having a MASH unit at her disposal and ample medical supplies, she is a valued member of the unit. Due to the unit’s surplus of medical support, she and her team are often found among the dependents, helping them with hygiene and other basic medical matters. She and her team are based from the “Brush Wolf”, and are specifically assigned to Planetological studies and care of the Dingoes Line Mech and Aero units, using a small storage container next to their assigned MASH as an emergency med bay in the cargo area.

Doctor Lamb has developed a professional friendship with both Lieutenant JG Aki Ross and her superior, Doctor Sid Sutherland. In particular, she often consults with Lt Ross regarding planetology matters, and the two often visit during their “downtime”. In other matters, she and Tech Keiko Ishikawa have become quite close, often spending time working on the school curriculum together.

Doctor Carolyn Lamb

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