Doctor Derek Varn

Factory Administrator


Doctor Derek Varn is an intense, ambitious man with moments of brilliance in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. He is the factory administrator for the Terramatrix Industrial Salvage corporation.

In addition to his skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, and MechTech, he is skilled in computers, advanced communications, advanced mathematics and remains a very capable air pilot. He is considered an Veteran NPC Engineer and Veteran NPC MechTech. He keeps a private airplane at the capital’s drop-port, and flies it regularly.


Doctor Derek Varn was born to a local Darrian plantation holder family of some wealth and importance, and received his degree (in engineering) from the local college, and has proven very talented in technical matters. He got his position as factory administrator through family contacts, but has kept it through his raw skills and natural talent.

He wears “diplomatic body armor” at all times, bearing a standard automatic pistol and a modified Blazer rifle with him at all times. The rifle has been made lighter and more efficient in energy use, but still must use a backpack battery system.

Of average height and build, he has something of a mad look to his blue eyes. He has always flaunted his family’s wealth, and always speaks poorly about “natives”. He openly disdains his superior Doctor Rita Moreseado’s “workhorse” approach to factory operations. He is always trying to prove his genius to everyone.

It is a little known secret, that Doctor Varn is also a leading figure in the district’s black market, and that he seems to profit exceedingly well from its operations. Exactly who he sells to remains unknown, but he likely uses his company as a cover, or a source for parts and munitions he then sells under the counter to the many interested parties in the district. Recent evidence has also pointed to Doctor Varn being behind the rise of a new criminal organization in Sangria, possibly with interests across that recently reunited nation.

Doctor Derek Varn

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