Doctor Elsa Kast

Bio-Sciences Professor


Doctor Elsa Kast is a scientist working in gene splicing and creating medicines in the hope to one day cure the dreaded Red Plague. She works under the aegis of Rim AeroSpace’s own planetary college on System – Tharrill, as its head of bio-sciences.

She is a Regular NPC Scientist, with a specialty in genetics and the study of human and animal DNA. In addition, she has skills in Administration, Logistics, and Computers from her time in the college system, as well as Training from her years as a teacher.

She seeks pure science for its own sake, and places great trust on those who do likewise.


Little is known about her early childhood, though it seems to have been very negative, with tales of living in corporate creche facilities, rarely speaking positively of her mother, and never talking about her father.

She developed an affinity for bio-sciences, and tested highly in her classes, sufficient to eventually become educated in the planetary college and graduate to be recruited directly into their bio-sciences division.

She has spent the last few years trying vainly to discover a cure to the dreaded Red Plague, and has pretty much given up hope of ever curing the incurable plague.

In early-3024, she met Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” during his lecture on “Cognitive AIs : Potential or Not?” in System – Tharrill, and quickly saw something her years ion the planetary college system had never done; she saw true science being discussed and being paid for by mercenaries. Color her intrigued.

In mid-3032, she and a few of her former grad students, sought out Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie”, when he sent them a message to join their new new civilian technical organization of the Royal Sangrian Academy of Sciences. Upon arrival, she and her team were put to work conducting various science and research contracts for * “The Skunkwerks” at their facility. Long-term, she is seen as a capable leader of that organizations “Dingo-Cat” project operated out of Tuadann.

Doctor Elsa Kast

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