Doctor Evram Mintz

Surgeon and Medical Doctor


Doctor Evram Mintz is a medical doctor with extensive experience in micro-gravity environments, and dealing particularly with mining accidents and the long term psychosis associated with severe isolation suffered by many belters.

Doctor Mintz serves as lead for a small medical team, and has taken over as the chief medics for * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. He is a skilled surgeon and psychologist, ranking as a Veteran Civilian Medical Support NPC. He has some combat training and knows his way around a combat rifle and can use it, in defense of his charges.


Originally from Vineyard Habitat in the System – Cassandra, Doctor Mintz is wise beyond his years with six years as a ship’s doctor and psychologist. Though highly intelligent, Mintz’s dim view of humanity comes from his own experiences early in the local Corporate War against Excalibur Corporation. In the conflict, he lost both parents and his sister when their minor habitat was attacked. He watched her burn, and suffered extensive burns himself across his torso and lower body from the incident.

Mintz is troubled with alcohol addiction, which just gives him an even dimmer view of humanity, however, he realizes it as a problem and refuses to let it affect his activities when on duty. He sees the charges he is assigned like his family, and does everything possible to save them from harm and long term disability.

He is involved with a young medical officer on his crew, Claire Dereux, but they manage to keep things professional when it comes to the needs of the crew.

Doctor Evram Mintz

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