Doctor Magnus Schroeter

Geneticist and Futurist


Doctor Magnus Schroeter is an award-winning genetic chemist from the System – Armington, and a senior employee of its Croyden-AmBio Consortium.

Schroeter claims to have discovered the true “Fountain of Youth”, through genetic engineering and modification. Schroeter has espoused the perfect process to create the “Ubermannennir”, or “Great Mankind”, through months of injections, infusions and organic fiber implants, an agonizing and potentially lethal process. Furthermore, the psychological damage to such patients is believed to be almost lethal in itself, particularly through the quantities of adrenaline and testosterone developed through the process.

Creating such “Super Soldiers” is illegal across the Inner Sphere on several levels, but Schroeter suggests seeking proper candidates through volunteer patients. In truth, however, the psyche conditioning required would likely demand such subjects be rather young. He promises to all, that such a “Solomani” would bring humanity to its next evolutionary state, promising united prosperity and peace to the worlds of the Inner Sphere.

He is believed to be the agent responsible for the creation of “Scarlet Jade”.


In early-3033, he and most of his research team were abducted by Periphery pirates during a raid on Rhiannon City. His present whereabouts remain unknown.

Doctor Magnus Schroeter

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