Doctor Rita Moreseado

Director of Operations for Terramatrix Industrial Salvage


Dr. Rita Moreseado is the CEO of Terramatrix Industrial Salvage. A professional and curt middle-aged woman, who has proven an efficient, resourceful and excellent manager.

Smart and highly principled, she has proven an enigma to local politicians and resource managers, who can’t figure out how she can stay above the local corrupt politics. Most find her no-nonsense attitude alarming and impossible to understand.

In addition to her skills as a manager, mechanical engineering and TechMech , Dr. Moreseado has proven to be a skilled communications operator. She is a Veteran NPC Administrator. She knows how to build Mechs, but not how to pilot them, except from a technical perspective.

After many years of service with the Iron Dingoes filling various parts, repair and armor contracts, she is considered to have a very good relationship with their military liaison office, and views the Iron Dingoes as more than a good customer, but something like a close ally. This was assured with the early-3031 development deal to improve the Double Heat Sink (Prototype)s into something for her company.


Originally employed in the Federated Suns, Dr. Moreseado was a production manager with the Quickscell Company on Broken Wheel, in a project attempting to rebuild a vehicle assembly plant. She was head-hunted and promoted to her position as manager of the new facility, primarily because of consistent racial profiling against her Japanese heritage was not allowing her to receive the promotions she deserved.

As CEO of TerraIS, she runs things in a brisk, business-like manner, though she continues to suffer from personnel and supply shortages, sometimes extending production by weeks for a single Mech. She does not get along well with her factory administrator, Dr. Derek Varn, finding him undisciplined and indulgent of his own personal whims, despite his obvious intelligence and skills.

She is assisted by both Carl Großmann and Doctor Derek Varn in her operations of the company.

Doctor Rita Moreseado

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