Doctor Sid Sutherland

Scientist and devoted Gaian


Doctor Sid Sutherland is the former lead medical officer of the 405th Technical Support Company. He is a skilled scientist and veteran biologist, who has spent his life trying to prove the theory he and his wife developed, called the “Gaia Theory”. Exiled to this isolated post, he is accompanied by a handful of loyal young students, including the talented Lieutenant JG Aki Ross. Due to the relative youth of his companion scientists and MedTechs, his unit only has managed to gain a rating of “Veteran” due primarily to their extensive work together.

Dr. Sid is a Veteran NPC Surgeon and Scientist. He and his crew serve with * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” as its lead scientists.


Dr. Sid is an even tempered man of science whose steadfast respect for life and resulting passive opinion of the Succession Wars is a source of frustration for those, like the senior members of the FWL Medical Corps, who are of a more aggressive outlook.

He is a scientist who believes there is a spiritual energy within all living things. Born in Toronto in 2965, Dr. Sid is a biochemistry graduate of the University of Scientific Research on Oriente. He spent long hours researching the physical properties of living things. After discovering a strange energy during a gravitational field extraction experiment, Dr. Sid began to lecture and theorize on its properties; something that led to his eventual isolation from the scientific community and exile to Pilpala’s distant, if valuable, AeroFighter base.

Doctor Sid’s “Gaia Theory” has given him a handful of loyal young students, who accompanied him to this posting. He lost his wife in a Cappellan attack over Andurien, and since then dedicated his life to solve the “Gaia” problem. He believes he has discovered “bio-etheric energy”, as well as a unique wave pattern within life-forms. With this discovery, he advocated the use of bio-etheric energy and invented “Gaia” scanners, a primitive form of bio-scanners.

With Aki Ross as his protege, Dr. Sid continued his wife’s research to complete the wave pattern studies, and sees Aki as the daughter he never had. He hopes, one day, she might succeed where he has so far failed.

Doctor Sid Sutherland

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