Trooper (Retired) Dominic Haugustus "Pockets"

Scout Recon Mech Pilot of the Dead Man's Hand


“Pockets” served in the * “The Dead Man’s Hand” as a lead pilot of its Mech force, using his skills in diplomacy and personal contacts to ensure they have the parts and supplies they need. He leads a lance in the unit, though often only at the direction of his commander, Major “Veruca” Louise Salt.

Blessed with a technical mind, “Pockets” skills have proven themselves. He is able to help keep all the paperwork and the snarled mess of logistics working, despite the constant influx of salvage and need for consistent repairs to both the line units and its support.

Pockets operates a modified OTT-7J Ostscout, whose rare electronics systems are inavaluable to recon, and despite his “Militia” status, is often called upon to create new and inovative combat techniques for their force. He is perhaps best known for his use of a heavily armored “mace” (formerly the arm of a Kintaro BattleMech he helped dismember on Claybrooke), and his cry of “Eat Kintaro!” as he happily smashes in the cockpit of any enemy Mech that appears. In fact, his use of this artifact, has led to the development of “Bones” often used by the rest of the unit.

His OTT-7J Ostscout, usually found without arms, has been modified to sport the limbs of a salvaged Spider, giving it the ability to use his unique club.


A rugged man of Spanish descent, “Pockets” originally came from the Trinity worlds in the Spinward corner of House Marik space, next to the Steiner border and Periphery near the Circinus Federation. He is best known for his ability to keep the administration of the technical matters of the unit well in check, though sometimes he trades items with other units without notice… Despite these actions, he would never steal nor betray the men he works with, if only because he knows they keep him alive, and are possibly the only others he can trust in the worlds of the Inner Sphere.

Formerly a line MechWarrior, his involvement with a young technician (and rumored soon after married status), has led him to devote more time with her and his growing family. That she hails from the same region of Marik space has proven to be a happy coincidence.

Trooper (Retired) Dominic Haugustus "Pockets"

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