Dominique "Domino" Harvey

Mercenary MechWarrior


Little is known about “Domino”. A beautiful woman, she is a former bounty hunter and mercenary, and commonly scouts her targets out before springing a trap on them. She is known to employ other mercs in her schemes, and once favoured piloting a VTR-9Ba Victor.

She traditionally led a handful of female MechWarriors, loosely affiliated for the capture of particularly large bounties. Her personal symbol is a white ceramic skull crying a single blood-red tear drop.



Little is known about Dominique’s past, beyond her origins in the Core Worlds near Terra.

First met at a high-class party in Ciudad Garcia, while on deployment in the System – Dumassas, “Domino” seemed a high-priced call-girl. After a series of questions with Advocate, however, it became obvious she was sounding-out a senior officer of the unit for some purpose. She later met Advocate once more at Salager’s Arena, where she and several of her companions exchanged verbal challenges with the Dingoes present, before departing.

She was next encountered in the opening salvos during the “First Fire” invasion of the The District of Garcia in early-3019. She and her mercenary allies defeated a lance of Dingoes Mechs on patrol, capturing the unit’s prized Sentinel, before the Dingoes patrol were able to retreat.

She and her band were seen fighting all along the border during the main invasion, and encountered the full wrath of the Iron Dingoes during a counter-raid by their main forces on May 9th, 3019. In the brawl she was forced to surrender, but offered to pay a bounty for her and her surviving unit, members and within a couple days, they made the exchange and she departed the planet with a promise not to fight against the Dingoes again for at least a year…

In early 3022, Domino was again encountered, this time leading a group of female mercenaries in the defense of the caves under Brightwater Base. She met the full force of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”’s Mech force. Her trademark Victor was head-shot by MechWarrior Ela Rose during the first few seconds of the conflict, and Domino was found barely alive and unconscious in the ruins of her ejection seat following the battle.

Spending several weeks under both the knife and in the unit’s personal Rejuvination Suites aboard “The Factory”, she was held in detention on that station. In early 3023, Advocate began visiting her every few days, trying to ascertain her feelings on what her future might be, but it took weeks before she would even deign acknowledge his presence in the room. Eventually, her personal physician, Doctor Delphine Young granted her leave from constant medical care. She was then assigned to Advocate’s technical crew as an AsTech, which she has begun doing efficiently, if reluctantly. Her future with Advocate, and in the unit, remains in question…

Dominique "Domino" Harvey

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