Duchess Letitia Wright


The ruling Warlord of The Duchy of Windward, Duchess Letitia Wright is a strong and intelligent woman, who seeks to bring her people into a position of respect in the modern world.

A capable scientist, she is something of a technophile, and constantly seeks to surround herself with the best technology and scientific personnel she can acquire. She is skilled in Computers and Administration and speaks several languages, including French, Spanish, English, and Esperanto. She is also a talented marksman, and skilled in several basic martial arts forms, a fact that many opponents are unprepared for.

A tactical thinker, she has spent that first few years of her reign of Northwind introducing a series of technological and industrial innovations to her nation. While the general population is embracing these changes quickly, her supporting Warlords on the national council, recognize the threat she represents to their positions, and as she develops new industries to modernize her people, they call more and more upon the regional traditions of their own realms to limit such developments. Nonetheless, she moves forward doggedly and with dedicated intent to bring her people, kicking and screaming if she must, into the Inner Sphere.



Born and raised to rule her people, Letitia spent her early childhood on an isolated farm in the heartlands of her nation, though her older brother Caleb was slated to inherit. She took an especial interest in space travel, and was educated in astrophysics, medicine and the general sciences through the best off-world tutors.

She went on to attend * Lanseal Royal Military Academy, and took a close interest in research. In 3025, her brother died during a duel with a rival, and she was forced to abandon her education and return home to take control of her clan’s fortunes.

Duchess Letitia spent the next year familiarizing herself with the local politics, quickly proving her capability as a leader by out-maneuvering several rivals and even killing one in a duel. Having proven herself to her peers, she set about modernizing her nation, and began a series of industrial reforms, including the founding of the Windward Development Corporation as a first step to the process in 3028. She has promised to make more changes in the near future, and openly welcomes off-world investment and development.

While she has received some criticism from her political rivals in the Warlord Council, none can argue she is not capable as their leader. Instead, many see her changes as improving the clan’s power, and do not admit that her efforts promise many spin-off benefits for the people and other clans, if they would embrace her reforms. She remains, however, clearly in control of the Warlord Council and her family.

In late-3031, with the further developments of the Windward Development Corporation and its various subsidiaries, she became recognized as an industrial power in the local economy, and seems to have developed close ties with Duke Jemmas of Horn’s family, both economically and in support of both House’s industrial developments.

Duchess Letitia Wright

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