Duke Hermaneus Santiago

Ruler of Tragnar


“Here I am, here I remain!”

Duke Hermaneus Santiago is the leader of The National Legionary Tragnar, formerly known as the Tragnar Confederation.

Duke Santiago is a tall man with olive skin and black hair. He has a narrow face full of angles and planes, with a high-bridged nose that give him the look of a hawk, and woodsmoke in his gray eyes.

He is considered a Veteran NPC Military Officer and Regular NPC Politician. As an infantry officer he is well experienced, with a firm grasp of Tactics and Strategy, as well as basic logistics and supply management.

During consolidation of his rule over Tragnar, Hermaneus made a quick and positive impact on the people of his country. While ruthless and often uncompromising, he has held together the nation that might otherwise been torn apart under less capable hands. Even in the face of off-world raids and the defection of large portions of the military, he has managed to weld the remaining assets into a united front capable of putting the fear of his wrath into fellow countrymen and foreign powers alike.

Among the remaining warlords, he is known as a fair-handed ruler, who rewards success and punishes failure. Nonetheless, he has an international reputation for his hard stance regarding national unity, and is seen by most international leaders as a dictator and not to be trusted.

His family consists of a chosen consort, Lady Jessica, a young son Paulo who attended * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences in 3036, and a much younger daughter named Alia Chloe Santiago, whose future path remains unknown.



Santiago Family Crest

A military officer who survived the purges following the collapse of the 3024 Small War and resulting civil disorders, he rose to become the leading warlord of the capital, and has since rebuilt the nation-state into a confederation of other lesser warlords.

In late-3034, he began a series of sweeping reforms that revolved around rebuilding the military industrial complex of the nation, as well as turning over his country’s valuable aluminum interests to Rio Tinto Group. The effort, largely using salvaged industrial equipment recovered from other national industries by Loma Negra, a company associated with his brother’s control, drastically altered the scope of his government’s efforts from one of simple recovery, to one of hopeful rebuilding.

By 3039, Tragnar had become an ardent supporter of the Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA), and among its most vocal supporters. Increasingly, he was verbally supportive of The Commonwealth of Nations, and spoke disparagingly of the continued terrorist activities of the Bloody Hand of Marcosa, and its quiet support by The Marcosan Mandate. When global war broke out in 3040, they remained neutral in the conflict.

In the years that followed he remained a staunch supporter of the reforms the TTA was implementing, and finally in early-3046, he joined his nation as an Observor Nation in the Commonwealth. He was quoted at the signing as saying; “I must study politics and war, and join the interstellar community, that my children may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, and to travel to alien stars.”

Duke Hermaneus Santiago

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