Executive Administrator Edmund Fowler

Former Founder of the CMS, Lead Administrator of the War Dogs College


A natural leader and well-educated scientist, if none too talented, Edmund Fowler is a proven political creature. He has been given control over the assets of * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, in an effort to continue to develop the facility and its programs.

He is a Regular Scientist (General) NPC, with talents and skills in Protocol (Liao), Computers, and Administration. He is also a Veteran Bureaucrat NPC. While he resides in Garrison, he often travels to Ciudad Garcia on business.


Edmund Fowler is the former head of the Capellan Mechworks Section (CMS), a civilian organization of scientists that operated under the aegis of the Capellan military as an “R&D Think-Tank”. Born in 2980 into a family of wealth and influence, he is a natural leader and possesses more diplomatic and social skills, than academic skills or scientific knowledge. It is this political grace that won him his position as head of the CMS, not any great ability in the labs.

His goals were never to save the Capellan Confederation, nor to develop new technologies; it was to establish himself professionally and advance himself in his chosen career. He was in no way truly concerned for the projects his group promoted, provided it advanced his own interests. Innovation did not prosper under his command, being dominated by politics and financial short-sightedness.

It should be noted, however, that despite being a selfish and purely political creature, he is also quite competent, hard-working and intelligent. His competitive nature has given him a degree of team spirit, and he realizes he is nothing without talented people on his team to bring him what he wants. Because of this awareness, he has always worked hard to assemble a good team, and has a loyalty to them in his own way.


Created in 2998, the CMS was established to investigate the possibilities of developing new BattleMech designs, and was a part of the greater research developments assigned too the Capellan R&D division under the direct control of the military’s CCC. Advanced Mech designs have always been restricted in Capellan space, and for a variety of reasons (resources, supplies, general technical knowledge, industrial capacity, etc) has remained a difficult concept to support. The rise of the present Chancellor, Maximilian Liao, however, led to his encouraging new design efforts, and several small organizations have been developed to assist in this effort. CMS is one such that has tried to develop several new designs, though only their MRT-WM1 Moritori and MRT-WM2 Mantis have reached the actual prototype stage.

In 3018, following their tests of the latest MRT-WM2 Mantis in System – Patriarch during the civil wars raging across the planet, the research group lost all their prototypes and most of their military protection. By 3021, they were able to leave the system, and retreated to the insignificant backwater System – Corodiz where they were tasked with studying the Chancellor’s latest success in technological advancement; the RVN-1X Raven. In early 3022 during these tests against the local planetary militia, they were captured and taken hostage by * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Although the unit had lost some of its scientists and technicians during their stay on Patriarch, the core of the unit remains intact. The unit was promptly broken up, and its personnel hired by the Dingoes to fill various slots in their sciences and research programs, primarily * “The Skunkwerks” programs.

Edmund Fowler was offered an opportunity to build and lead the war college in the Iron Dingoes landholds in The District of Garcia. He accepted, and is presently engaged in organizing the personnel and assets of this group, while plans were being laid to construct a formal facility for * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences.

Once the facility was in full swing, he oversaw its program development, and eventually was promoted to the full Executive Administrator position of the college in late-3031, with control over its daily operations and curriculum. He continues to depend on the skills of his administrative staff and educators to fulfill his mandate, and increasingly has a position among the academic elite of the nation of Sangria and its allies, particularly as his college grows in importance.

Executive Administrator Edmund Fowler

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