Ellis Vorash

Leader of the Vorash Hong


“Sometimes people need things that aren’t easy to get. I’m the guy to make that happen, and if I make a little money on the side, who’s the wiser?”

Patriarch of a clan associated with the Vorash Hong of The Charioteers, and owner-operator of The Galloping Ghost.

Noted as very gregarious and friendly, he is known to sometimes haul cargo and passengers for the unit, but generally operates far from most trade routes, simply wandering the Hyades Rim looking for oddities and generally operating off most people’s radar.


Ellis Vosh first came into the sights of * “The Iron Dingoes” when he was captured by their special forces during an anti-piracy operation in [[;system-goria]] in 3031. He and his companions in the Charioteers were offered safe haven at “The Factory”, and have appeared occasionally over the years, along with some of their kin.

Ellis Vorash

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