Spaceman Erwin Chinook

Ship's Engineer


Spaceman Erwin Chinook is a ship’s engineer aboard the “Brazen Rover”.

A completely self-reliant character, Erwin greatly values his own opinions, a fact which make shim difficult to associate with and befriend. Always tending towards verbosity, Erwin tends to dominate conversations he is a part in, and will go out of his way to talk with individuals in a rather one-sided chat.

Erwin has no real friend son the ship’s crew, and constantly seeks companionship from among those he either works with, or finds himself off-duty with.

A skilled, if young engineer, Erwin understands basic structural engineering and mechanical repair, as well basic electronics. He has no specific specialty. In addition, he has basic training in small arms and 0-G maneuvers, and is a passable small craft pilot.


Raised as a ship’s engineer aboard the “Victory’s Blood”, Erwin is a ship’s brat who has known no other life than as a member of * “The Iron Dingoes”, though he has few actual ties to that organization beyond his spacer parents. He was assigned aboard the “Brazen Rover” as his first real opportunity to move forward in the organization, and has proven both an asset as well as a potential leader.

Spaceman Erwin Chinook

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