MechWarrior Eric Lars "Caboose"

Young Brash Pilot


MechWarrior Eric Lars was a brash young mercenary pilot. He piloted a highly modified THG-10E Thug, that served in the Line Mechs of the unit’s “Fire Support Lance”.

Resourceful and well-connected among the locals in Terramatrix, he maintained a small personal residence in Garrison, where his personal family PNT-9R Panther was kept and stored. He had no noted family connections in the unit, and tended to keep to himself, following a private agenda.

Caboose had taken an interest in the political situation of his adopted nation-state, and constantly formed plans and ideas on how to consolidate the wayward provinces back into the national fold. He eventually formed the Watchdogs, and quietly led it during its initial years of operations.

Caboose died during operations on Elidere IV during the War of 3039. He was remembered by some in the intelligence community, and the Watchdogs continue as his legacy in idad and the surrounding constellation.


Hired to fill a slot in the Line Unit of the “Dire Wolves”, “Caboose” is a young brash pilot. Lars was promoted to full “MechWarrior” following the unit’s Contract – Operation : “Steampunk Shuffle”, due to a series of successful kills in that conflict.

Caboose took charge of the unit’s new mascot Dingo-Dongo in late-3024, following its gift to the unit for their actions in the opening salvos of the Small War.

Caboose eventually formed the Watchdogs in 3034, and was its leader during its first few years of activities.

Caboose died during operations on Elidere IV in the War of 3039. His Panther was placed into storage, and largely forgotten for many years.

It was later revealed that following his encounter with several “Kajira” in the 3031 meeting with Consort Jessica White “Ariel”, he had fathered a child, Kristen Lars, who was raised as an orphan in The District of New Haven as a tech. In the late-3040s, her past was revealed to her, and she travelled to System – Dumassas to claim her birthright.

MechWarrior Eric Lars "Caboose"

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