MechWarrior Farah Dulac - "Blade"

Technical Pilot


MechWarrior Farah Dulac is a skilled technician and a proven pilot. Known under the nickname “Blade”, she is something of a “hardcase”, though she’s willing enough to take orders and has no problem with working in the Iron Dingoes, especially because of its good medical plan and large size.

Blade pilots a PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk in “Veruca’s Visigoths” of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. She is a Regular NPC Mech Pilot.


“Blade” is an experienced pilot who originally left the Davion Outback in search of work. Her efforts led her to learning a trade in maintaining WorkMechs, and eventually managed to serve in the Kearny March Militia after proving her technical expertise. She served with various recon units, and eventually was swept off her feet by brash young pilot, who dragged her into the Periphery and then promptly lost both his life and Mech.

Blade rebuilt the machine and worked various combat circuits, barely scraping by, until she was contacted by a shady character who offered her a new ride to assault the Sangrian city of Ciudad Garcia. She jumped at the chance. She lost her ride too. Now she serves in one of the support Reserve Lances in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”.

In late-3023, following her part in the contract on System – Serenity, Blade was promoted to full MechWarrior. She was also given charge over the young Trooper Petunia Beauregarde Salt “Tuner”’s formal training.

MechWarrior Farah Dulac - "Blade"

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