Father Joseph Barnes

Ancient priest of the One Book Faith


Found among the surviving LCs, was Father Joseph Barnes or “Father Joseph” as he is best known. Father Joseph stands-out. A mystic of great knowledge, his theology includes tying the metaphysical with the spiritual, often described as trying to nail a glob of gelatin to a tree. An ardent believer in the One Book Faith, he sees all written literature as the potential for describing sacred theology.

He has few skills beyond his kind desire to actually help people, though since he understands a great deal about the local pirates and how their hierarchy works, he might prove valuable in the long-run. He has a high commitment to justice and his fellow man, and might also prove useful in raising morale among the dependents, if given the freedom to act as he sees fit. He is a Green NPC General Tech, with a small training in Computer Ops and Life Support repairs.

Father Joseph has a dark origin, but is noted as an ordained minister for the One Book Faith, a religious sect that seeks to gather all religious documents together in an effort to find the “…ultimate truth…”. He was aboard the Interstellar Queen on a research mission, having heard of a rare text written about the “…Rings of Planetia…”, when he was captured and thrown into the Starlight Seduction as a general laborer. He stayed alive mostly because he was nice to everyone (even his captors) and did whatever he needed to get by.

Father Joseph serves as a Green NPC General Tech aboard the “Dingoes’ Den”.

Father Joseph Barnes

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