Executive Officer Frank Simmons

Liaison Officer to Excalibur Corporation


“Executive” Frank Simmons is a liaison officer appointed by Excalibur Corporation to operate their local trade office, opened on late-3024 at “The Factory”.

In addition to his skills in Administration and Computers, Simmons is a talented negotiator and is noted as firmly loyal to his chosen company and career. He is completely a company man. It is an open secret, that he views this opportunity as his chance at securing a vice president’s rank.


Most of Simmons past is obscured by his position as a rising star in Excalibur Corporation’s hierarchy. Among the few things know about him, is his birthday of November 4th, 2978, and the fact he was born in System – Tarsus as a full voting citizen.

Simmons took possession of the “account” regarding System – Dumassas (and inadvertently the Iron Dingoes ), in mid-3024, replacing his predecessor with a firm hand. Almost immediately, he was given control of various company assets for “the duration”, and he set about securing Dumassas as the final step in the company’s so-called “Candle Trade Route”, that stretches from the edge of the Federated Suns and across the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”.

Executive Officer Frank Simmons

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