Fuerza Arkadjian

Heir to the Corazón


Fuerza Arkadjian was born in 3025 in the traditional manner of her war chiefs, and raised with the belief that the traditions of her people need to be changed if they are to enter the future as a powerful, independent force on the world stage. A recent graduate of * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, Fuerza is seen as the “New Breed” of citizens in the regional political spectrum; young, tough and highly educated.

She has recently spent her time as the lead member of the Marabitanas regional delegation, working to both absorb the locals into the greater territorial district, but also to improve their quality of life, bringing educational and industrial opportunity through funding various local developments. Most see this as an opportunity to learn administrative practices first-hand.

Fuerza Arkadjian

Battletech (Farscape) : The New Breed Robling