Lord (General) Baldren Glassenari

Retired Military Officer


“This nation must be reborn. There is no other way.”

A gifted military man, Lord (General) Baldrin Glassenari is the eldest son of Lord Gilbert Glassenari, the patriarch of the Gollere General Machinery Trading Corporation, whose connections with the other nobles of Tharn, both resource Barons and industrial Lords, have given him an influence in the Mangai that many other knights envy.

Baldren is trained in all the arms of his nation’s military, and stirs men to action with his words, and by standing fearlessly on the front lines. Politically minded, and guided by his own ideals, Baldren is concerned about his nation’s future because he believes that the bureaucracy (and military) of the Mangai is rotten to the core, and that its nobles are too lazy to seek change.

He has long waited quietly in the wings of his position as a soldier in the army, for the chance to inherit and begin to restructure his nation. Troubling rumors have long simmered that he plans to begin a “…dark plan for Gollere’s sake…”, and many speculate what such a dark scheme might take. Apart form his political ambitions, he is known to possess a burning dislike of “country nobles”, believing that the future of his people is solely in the “pure blood” of the people of Tharn. Though some under his command question his politics, the man has their trust.

In his late twenties, he fights for personal reasons, is extremely protective of what he views as his, and proud of his country’s developments. If he sees something wrong, he calls it out, even if that means confrontation and a failure of diplomacy. Balden is the type to spare the table manners and cuts deep into teh obvious problems on the table, regardless of teh costs, and often to the annoyance of his father. His sharp tongue can be much discomfort around those who display a hatred of his country, his people or his military command.

Baldren loves to hunt, having raised many of his own hunting dogs on his family estates, including his favorite, Adwin that accompanies him everywhere. He also likes to play cards, and has proven to be quite good at it. In cards, as in combat, he has a cool efficiency about his actions, that are belied by his otherwise aggressive nature.

His younger sister Audrey, serves with the 3rd Regiment as a horse-courier, under General Radi Jaeger, and the two are often in correspondence with each other. Furthermore, he and his sister are very close, and almost the only one he bothers to write to in his family.


“I’m Baldren Glassenari, heed me now! Stand men, I have no time for the idle!”

The eldest son of Gilbert Glassenari, Baldren is in his late twenties and has always fought for a reason. LIke his father before him, he was raised to be a soldier in the army, until such time as he was ready to inherit the family title and wealth. He joined * Lanseal Royal Military Academy as a young fifteen (15), and and excelled at his career. He was soon in command of his own company, and eventually took command of the 5th Regiment “The Invincibles”, and the 3rd Echelon in a year.

For years, the political sparring between his father and him, kept Baldren in his position far from both the capital and the centers of political power. He worked on training his militia and ensuring supply routes were open and unmolested, and otherwise doted on his young wife and child.


The sudden death of his father in mid-3028 thrust him into the leadership of his family corporation, the Gollere General Machinery Trading Corporation, and he has quickly begun working on its efficiency and production quality controls, bringing it to peak efficiency, like any of his own military units. He is a fast and rising star in the political spectrum of the planet, and possesses many polarizing views of the planet’s future, along with steady support of some branches of the military.

Lord (General) Baldren Glassenari

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