General Faldio Zobeck

Commander of the 3rd Echelon


General Faldio Zobeck is the fifty-four year old general, and the commander of the 3rd Echelon of the * Tharn Iron Legions.

General Zobeck rose to his post as a commander, largely thanks to General Baldren Glassenari’s recommendations. Exceptionally proud of his noble birth, he considers the commoner soldier disposable. Though the success of his grandfather as a general helped him rise through the ranks with uncommon speed, rumors abound that he lacks the requisite competence of combat command, though as officer of the reserve echelon, this is not deemed a terrible quality.

Skilled at logistics and administration, General Zobeck has skills in many of these bureaucratic endeavors, and is particularly talented in ancient languages and codes/ciphers. His children are noble-raised as officer’s brats, and serve in various positions in the lower ranks, including his daughter who is a courier in the 1st Echelon.

He is considered a Regular Military Administrator NPC, but only a Green Infantry Offcier NPC.


Born an officer’s child, and raised in the military, General Zobeck has served largely in the administrative side of things, operating in the 3rd Echelon of the Tharn Iron Legions. His grandfather was a famous general who fought in the eastern resource wars, and gained access to many of the precious metals mines enjoyed by Tharn’s economy today, and in which his family has many investments.

He was promoted to general following the retirement of General Baldren Glassenari, and his personal endorsement, though his fellow generals agreed to the promotion. The recent changes in the military preparedness of the regional militias into a full-time fighting force, has him desperately practicing combat tactics with his fellow officers, and he is known as an able administrator, not a particularly good battle commander.

General Faldio Zobeck

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