General Gregor von Daemon

Leader of the 1st Echelon of Tharn's Military


“Fighting without regard for casualties is without honor and simply cannot be allowed!”

A somewhat radical Imperialist, General Gregor von Daemon has supported the nationalism growing rampant in the Central Tharn Authority over the last few years. He is unwilling to accept any values or heritage outside of the national traditions.

That said, he is a Veteran Infantry Officer, and is well-versed in both Tactics and Strategy, though his understanding of off-world technology is lacking. He is known for making the best of whatever tools he has in his arsenal. He is known to respect raw power, disliking stealth, but also likes to see his enemies utterly destroyed, rather than allow them to continue to retaliate another day. He will use whatever tactics he needs to accomplish his goals, despite his personal feelings on the subject, believing he can try and make amends afterwards.

He has deep ties with many of the older noble families in the realm, and has many of the leading noble’s respect and support in Tharn. He is a known master at chess, and is a voracious reader and talented historian. He also enjoys horse-riding, and it is rumored he has one of the best horses in the realm in his stables.

He carries himself with a limp, as he sustained a grievous wound to his right leg during the skirmishes against the northern nomads, and is always seen with his fine gold-etched cane.



7th Regiment Insignia

“Soldiers of Tharn! You are the Shield that defends the people of this realm!”

A member of the “Triumviri” of generals who command the various echelons of the regular armed forces of the * Tharn Iron Legions, the von Daemon family has a sizable estate within the capital city, and is one of its more prominent nobles, holding the title of Knight of the Realm, due in part to his rank, but also because of his position as the latest in a long line of nobles in military service. Practically raised in the halls of Military Headquarters Randgeriz, reading the stories of previous commanders, and becoming attracted to a life in the military as a noble knight of the realm.

At the age of fifteen (15), he enrolled in Lanseal Royal Military Academy, and devoted himself to a life of study and perfecting his craft. He has a particular talent regarding military history, and is considered one of the foremost theologians in infantry tactics on the planet. He graduated top of his class and immediately began working with the 7th “Consolidated Rifles” in the Iron Legions. Over the years, his experience in various border skirmishes, primarily with the northern nomads, promoted him quickly to lead first his company, then eventually his regiment.To this day, the nomads fear the sight of the 7th’s war banner, due to the carnage his unconventional tactics wrought on their formations.

In time, his regiment became the lead regiment of the 1st Echelon of the armies of Tharn. Today, he leads them with pride, and is acknowledged throughout the army for his skill and support of his troops. It is said his intelligence network is substantial, and he is constantly striving to develop new tactics and strategies that can surprise and disable his opponents. He continues to devote everything towards the prosperity of the men under his command.

General Gregor von Daemon

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