General Pedro Nel Ospina

Wealthiest Man in Sangria


General Pedro Nel Ospina is a former leader of Sangrian Army Command, though he still has close ties to many of its senior command and administrative leadership. Many in the nation know and respect the Ospina name, largely to his personal reputation.

Considered a Veteran Civilian Corporate Administrator, he is also well-versed in Computers, Strategy and Administration. Extremely wealthy, he also has many investments and has silent investments in many of the national industries that give him a great deal of influence in San Succi and across the nation. A devout Catholic, he is a noted supporter of his faith’s efforts among the poor, and the holder of The Order of St. Gregory the Great, the highest honor a lay person can receive from the church.

Married to Georgiana Paula Belzer, a noted actress and model, he has a younger sister Sally Blane, who is closely involved in his charity organizations, and his children Laura, Mark, Anita and Victor, all work in some aspect of his businesses. His youngest grand-daughter Mia Ospina, however, is considered his heir, and has been groomed to replace him through management of the family’s numerous philanthropic endeavors, primarily The Sangrian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences while she attended college in the former capital. She has since graduated and taken a leading role in the company’s operations as his personal assistant.

Few are aware that he has dealt with extreme pain his entire life from an arteriovenous malformation in his lower back, that was aggravated by a horse-riding accident in 2970, when he was thrown, knocked unconscious, and trampled by another horse. Despite several operations, he has been in a wheelchair since 3012, and still suffers sufficiently that he has largely separated himself from his businesses to concentrate his remaining years on his wife of over fifty years, his remaining family, and his charity organizations.

He is perhaps the most beloved man in the nation, known to have referred to Sanrgia as his “…beloved mother, and the military is my father; both have brought purpose and direction in my life, though my Church has given me peace in my old age, like a grand-father I never knew…”. He redoubled his church-affiliated activities following his “retirement” in late-3032, though few forget he continues to have political clout outside his own company’s name.



Ospina Coffee Company : Ospina Coffee, the oldest family-owned coffee company in existence today, was established in The Republic of Sangria, by Don Mariano Ospina Rodríguez in 2843. Ospina Rodríguez was one of the pioneers of coffee growing in Sangria and San Isabel, and began exporting this luxury drink across the constellation and into Davion space.

The company is controlled by General Pedro Nel Ospina, who also controls an extensive series of coffee plantations across The District of Antiquia, and numerous financial investments among the local industries in San Succi, though some were lost during the 1000-Days War and its civil disorder.

Throughout the 1000-Days War, the Ospina family remained supportive of the military coup of the capital, backing General Pierre Garza, and were allowed to operate much as they used to, exporting its crop of roasted coffee beans as a bulk good, and through its numerous coffee houses located everywhere in the nation.

The Ospina family is still considered the wealthiest clan in the nation, having private satellite up-links, their own hyper-sonic shuttles, and a small private security forces that protects family interests. They have also been linked, over the last couple years, with * “The Iron Dingoes”, and are believed to be supportive of their efforts in the nation.

In mid-3032, after a whirlwind marriage to her fiancé Moxie, Mia assumed control over the lion’s portion of the Ospina Coffee company, and quickly assumed the position she had been groomed for under her grand-father’s tutelage.

General Pedro Nel Ospina

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