General Pierre Garza

Warlord of San Succi, Dictator of the Sangrian Govenment


A well-known former leader of the Sangrian Armed Forces, General Garza is best known as a talented leader of infantry and armor, and has the respect of his troops. In addition to his talent as a military officer, he is known to be a fierce nationalist and staunch traditionalist.

General Garza is a Veteran Military Officer NPC.


Genral Garza survived the purges and coups of the recent uprising, with his force the 7th Battalion, intact. Originally based west of the pass into The District of Cundinamarca, his force once consisted of five regular Rifle Infantry Companies and a full Mechanized Infantry Company. It is rumored he picked-up numerous rag-tag remnants from other commands (namely the 5th Royals and the under-strength 2nd Battalions), and at least two small infantry forces of mercenaries.

Once they entered the district capital, they quickly claimed the abandoned government complex as their central command, but also managed to control and operate the water purification plant in the capital. Garza’s limited number of techs also looted what he could of the burning industrial district of the city at this time, storing the salvaged parts and equipment in the San Succi Auction Yard until he could figure out what to do with it all.

In late-3022, he managed to get the Solaro Oil Company Baranchandra Refinery active once more, and began supplying his forces with limited quantities of fuel for his vehicles. An unknown quantity of fuel was exported to The District of Antiquia in exchange for access to that district’s coal reserves and power from its electrical plants. He also ensured that coal shipments from that district could pass freely through his area of control for export overseas through the port in Ciudad Garcia.

In late-3023, he formed Garza’s Legion as the united force of his military resources, and consolidated his control over the district. With his army in place, and control of the district secure, he declared it a free and independent nation, with himself at its head. Although the district’s economy was shattered, he set about rebuilding what he could to further support his future efforts in the region.

By mid-3024, he had taken control of key industries, namely the national oil production facility of the Solaro Oil Company, and has rebuilt the Maravillas de Sangria fireworks plant into a munitions company that produces mortar rounds, cheap explosives, small arms shell reloads, most of which goes to fuel his own armed-forces in the Legion, but some is exported north to buy handfuls of fabricated mortars. This later became known as “Mariposa Munitions”, and is an independent production company that manufactures various licensed Indumil products. He has become backed by a shadowy merchant force that have begun to convoy in “taxes” from the out-lying agricultural portions of the district in exchange for a percentage of the goods.

The merchant, known in local circles only as “Rampage” has also built a bicycle factory (mostly for exports), and is said to be the nation’s largest dealer in salvaged goods, spare parts and weaponry. Garza is also said to have the firm financial support of both the holdings of Grupo Interbolsa, and the nation’s wealthiest family, the Ospina’s of Antiquia.

On March 3rd, 3025, Garza’s Legion began occupying The District of Antiquia and by March 9th, had officially taken over the province. He integrated its military forces under his own legion, and had begun looking with covetous eyes to the southwest. As talks with the The New Republic of Sangria finally developed, he began a pull-back of his active control of various industries and resources, and eventually repatriated several of his forces back into the Sangrian Army Command, while retaining a smaller, more loyal Garza’s Legion. Garza officially ran for governor of The District of Cundinamarca, winning an overwhelming majority in 3026.

Presently, General Garza has proven to be a true nationalist, and openly praises the efforts of the national government in promoting its international image and trade potential, including the recent plans to establish The Commonwealth of Nations. He does, however, criticize the government’s spending efforts in The District of Garcia, while his own province is somewhat neglected. The recent announcements to begin improvement of the Camino Muertos has also been a chief talking point of his criticism of the government. His government continues to be propped up largely by his draconic control over the economy of the district, limited oil revenues, and his recent expansion into arms manufacturing.

In late-3031, it was announced he intended to run for President of Sangria, under the National Dominion Party, which has several wealthy landowners in central Sangria as its most ardent supporters.

General Pierre Garza

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