General Radi Jaeger

Leader of the 2nd Echelon of Tharn's Military


“The general of a fallen nation has no honor left.”

General Radi Jaeger is the leader of Tharn’s second Echelon, the cavalry regiments, and originates from the distant Duchy of Windward.

One of the nation’s stern generals, the thirty-something Radi is a bit of a joker who places a great deal of emphasis on chivalry in battle, and respects those who do the same. General Jaeger does not fight for Tharn with the same sense of patriotic zeal his companions might, but rather to help protect his homeland of WIndward, and ensure its freedom. He is known to ride his horse Lupus as the leader of the 3rd Regiment (Cavalry) “Mustang Rifles”, the military’s elite cavalry force. His decisive and level-headed nature has granted him a reputation among his troops as a good commander, and he is well-loved by all of them.

A fan of chess, General Jaeger’s talents as a soldier and a Veteran Cavalry Officer have given him a reputation across the entire Tharn military, and his particular strength of spirit has won the trust of his command. He is always accompanied by his pet lizard Manx, a docile desert reptile found in the deserts of Lackmahnia.

He has taken an interest in the value of tanks in the past, but acknowledges the majority of his officers don;t see the value, as it represents a loss of face in combat in their eyes.

He is in constant correspondence with General Baldren Glassenari, as that man’s sister Audrey is one of his regiment’s couriers.


Born in the Duchy of Windward, General Jaeger was recruited into the Lanseal Royal Military Academy later in his life (early 20s), having drawn attention to himself as a talented soldier and officer of his home realm. He quickly proved to have an eye for strategy, and displayed a knightly nature that bore him well through his education and early years as an officer.

Eventually, he rose to command the 3rd Regiment, and took command of the entire Echelon in 3021. Today, he seems the most progressive of the generals of the army, and has even welcomed a few women into roles that are not considered typical of their gender, including a handful of couriers who ride horses with dispatches for the Echelon, which has brought some degree of criticism from the older, established officers. They are, however, soon to retire, and in time there may be a more progressive role for women in the cavalry regiments of the realm.

General Radi Jaeger

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