Governor Ferdinand Dominica

Former leader of the District of Garcia


Governor Ferdinand Dominica was the head of the civilian government in The District of Garcia, and administrated a bureaucracy of roughly 85 civil servants, all based from the Presidio, located near the local drop-port. He held his position through the family legacy of his control of the DropShip “Buenaventura”, and its ability to export the district’s (and national) goods and manage off-world trade.

It was a well-known fact that dealing with him and his bureaucracy was a maddeningly difficult procedure, where corruption and graft ruled. Nevertheless, Dominica was a capable administrator, considered a Regular Administration NPC, though his position, family wealth and access to the Guardia Civilia – Garcia, made him far more dangerous and powerful. He was known as placing his own life as paramount in all activities, using power and prestige to ensure his survivability. He had the money and influence to ensure both.


Ferdinand Dominica is an older man, who was raised in wealth and privilege his entire life. He inherited the position as Governor from his own father, appointed as such by the Presidente of Sangria himself, Hugo Vargas. In addition to substantial holdings of land and property in the capital of Ciudad Garcia, his family also had a plantation and extensive lands near the town of Miguel just south of the city.

The governor fell into the district government’s hands during the coup of May, 3021, his family were imprisoned and all his assets confiscated. While the city council took possession of his city land holdings, his estates near Miguel were handed over to the * “The Iron Dingoes” as a landhold, and to pay them “respect” for their actions during the coup. The family dropship, the “Buenaventura”, was found abandoned in the thick vastness of the Corazón Jungle, and claimed as salvage. His fate, and that of his family, does not bode well, and he is bound for a formal trial and either exile or execution.

By the end of 3021, former Governor Dominica was formally charged and his surviving family stripped of all possessions under the new national mandate. The entire clan was shipped off-world via merchant transport, and banished from ever returning to the planet, on pain of death. They have not been heard or seen since. Rumors place them somewhere within the Taurian Concordat, operating as commodities speculators.

Governor Ferdinand Dominica

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