Senior Tech (Intelligence) Hannah Evangeline "Wellington"

Senior Operative for the Dingoes Fangs


Senior Tech (Intelligence) Hannah Evangeline, also known as “Wellington” in local intelligence circles, is a mathematician and former citizen of * Duchy of Tharn. She serves as the lead agent of a small team of special service technicians under the aegis of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”. Assigned to operating as a counter-intelligence agent in that organization, she and her team work closely with the Sangrian government and its armed forces, as advisers regarding military technology and development operations.

Skilled as a code-breaker and mathematician, Hannah, she is tough and resilient, with a mean sarcastic streak against any who question her abilities. Though a moral woman, she is capable of lying when required, and is a good agent for the Iron Dingoes. She is ultimately a no-nonsense woman, who gets the job done, and isn’t afraid of work when it is required. She is considered a Veteran Intelligence Agent NPC.

She has no notable friends or acquaintances beyond her small team, and is not involved with anyone, having lost her fiancé some years ago to cancer.


Born to fairly well-to-do parents serving Duke Jemmas of Horn as regional governors, Hannah had everything one might want; education, opportunity and comfort. She was educated as a bureaucrat at the local College of Horn, and graduated to a position as a code-breaker in The Duchy of Horn’s military.

Although that nation is somewhat progressive, promotion as a woman within the culture proved difficult, and she soon grew tired of a lack of opportunity. When * “The Iron Dingoes” were allowed to recruit from the local population by then-Baron Horn, she jumped at the chance, and was quickly filed into that unit’s intelligence service, * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”.

She initially served as a code-breaker, much as she had under Horn’s military, but was quickly passed into that unit’s Field Operations branch, where she quickly excelled, meriting her own small team of agents, and promotion to the title of Senior Tech. She accepted the position as liaison officer with The New Republic of Sangria, which was altered to be their lead military adviser, serving as a coordinator for joint military development programs under such projects as the Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT and its supporting gun system, the Victory 150mm Autocannon.

She continues to serve in this regard today, acting largely as both the unit’s senior military adviser in such projects, but also coordinates with * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” and whatever technical information the unit’s science division chooses to share with its allies in the national government and its armed forces.

Senior Tech (Intelligence) Hannah Evangeline "Wellington"

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