Executive Administrator Hannah Zandor



Executive Administrator Hannah Zandor is the CEO of Husky Heavy Industries, a former minor manager in Dingo Brand Corporation, and fairly young for someone of this much importance. Nonetheless, her loyalty to the “brand” is seen as more valuable, and she does have the education and drive to move her company forward. Her friends call her “Dutch”.

Hannah Zandor is a gorgeous, complicated and deadly flirt, Dutch is bold and fun loving on the surface. She has a unique gift for earning people’s trust and respect regardless of their class or circumstance. But under her banter and protective flirtations, there is pain, maturity, and a deep solemnity. After getting to know her, which few have, they realize she is hiding a world of hurt and pain behind her appearances.

As of late-3032, she was assigned as the executive administrator of Husky Heavy Industries, and has begun to streamline its sales and production lines. Many expect great results from her in the coming years. She resides on “The Factory”, where her company maintains its primary offices.


Little is known of her childhood prior to being eight years old, but Dutch is an orphan, raised in a state-run orphanage in San Succi. During the 1000 Days War, she was evacuated along with a handful of other survivors during the Iron Dingoes salvage efforts in the capital Indumil production facility, and slipped into the Dingoes own creche system.

She excelled and was eventually hired directly into Dingo Brand Corporation where she displayed an uncommon capability to get the job done. AFter several years as a manager, the opportunity to lead the newest unit of the organization, Husky Heavy Industries was offered her, and she accepted.

Executive Administrator Hannah Zandor

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