Varick Ellery Helmut

Child of the Corazón Jungle


He is a good looking man or something (I will work on this soon)

Str: 4 Body: 4 Ref:4 Dex: 4 Int:7 Wil:7 Cha:7 Edg:3

Fast Learner, Patient, Animal Empathy, Vehicle 2
Combat Paralysis, TDS, Introvert

Known SKills
Animal Handling:/ Training and Riding, Career/ Archaeologist and Veterinarian, Communications, Perception, MedTech/ Vet, Navigation, Perception, and Sensor Ops


Varick was born in 3033 and is the eldest child of Dr. Maximilian Helmut and Mia Ospina. They lived in Valledupar until the age of 10. During his formative years, he was described as a protege of his father because of his keen interest in science and his father saw is potential. He spent a great deal of his free time with his Great Grandfather Pedro Ospina who he deeply admired. Some of his favorite times were when he was taken to special events having to do with the Ospina family.

He quickly mastered his studies well in advance of his peers and was the youngest to ever be offered a scholarship at the Royal Sangrian Academy of Sciences. Varick’s senior classmates quickly realized his natural ability far exceeded their own academic performance which caused competition and rivalry. Sometime during his first year at the academy, rumors of him being some sort of genetically enhanced version of his father followed him everywhere. It was during this period he spent more time with his father and began to travel. Visiting many destinations and gathering real-world, enriching experiences his father desired for him. Varick traveled throughout the Commonwealth of Nations and it was during one of those trips he first exposed to the Nexu .

Late 3045, Varick’s great grandfather passed away and this was devastating. Varick’s grief disrupted his studies and created issues with his father. He resented his father for pushing him towards his academic studies rather than giving him time to grieve the loss of his beloved grandfather. The culmination of his academic pressures and his father’s persistent expectations lead to Varick escaping to the Corozon Jungle. His natural ability with animals quickly lead to him to become a trained Nexu rider; he and his  Nexu  were inseparable. On his 15th birthday, the tribe held a private ceremony initiating him into manhood and he was fully accepted into the tribe.

Varick Ellery Helmut

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