Executive Administrator Hernando Huarez

Leading Industrialist from Garcia


Executive Administrator Hernando Huarez is the CEO and majority owner of the Mercado Industrial Group.

Huarez is financially strong, having control over the industrial development of The District of Garcia through his control over Mercado and the leadership of The Industrialist’s League. Politically, he is about as strong as one could get, and even during the worst years, the local police/thugs, Guardia Civilia – Garcia, wouldn’t touch him.

Rumors had circulated for years that he might run for president of The Republic of Sangria, but only ever claimed he would back “… the appropriate candidate who will bring stability and prosperity to our region…”, and was essential in the support of President Albertina Diego during early years of her nascent government. He continues to support the district and national governments, and regularly funds their initiatives to industrialize both through his company profits. He was also the lead organizer in getting donations from corporate sponsors for the expansion of the Camino Muertos, and its railway, connecting the nation as a single entity, and driving trade through the district into the rest of the world.

Today, he is a major voice in the development of the Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA), and holds a position of strength within that organization, as both one of its founding members, but also as a supporter of its continued expansion outside the system’s own reach into the constellation’s markets.

He should be considered a Veteran NPC Politician and Administrator.



Hernando Huarez is the son of working-class clerks from the town of Mercado, though his grand-father Raphael Delgado was a successful farmer who managed to send all his children to advanced schooling in Ciudad Garcia, usually through the efforts of the older children helping fund the education of the younger, all down the line.

When Hernandez was twenty-five, his father was caught smuggling drugs into the capital by the local garrison, and subject to beatings and a five year stint in prison (mostly for not paying-off the border guards …and the judge). He personally had a rough childhood, with his parents struggling to make ends meet. He publicly acknowledges his father’s actions, stating “I do not condone his actions, but drug smugglers are not criminals. They are single mothers and the unemployed and others just trying to make ends meet…”.

Hernando managed to push his way through primary and secondary education, working hard to help support his family. He was able to gain a scholarship to attend the local college, majoring in Economics, and was an advocate for student rights and trade unions all through his school years. He graduated with honours in 2993, as the president of the Economics Society.

Following his graduation, he spent a year teaching children in his hometown of Mercado, providing support for the preservation of native languages, and quickly polished his other language studies, including French, English and Spanish. He then went to San Succi, where he was able to find work with the national Ministry of the Interior, helping act as a translator and cultural attache to Indian Affairs. It was here he met and married his wife, Anne Malherbe Gosselin, in 2997.

During this time, he helped formulate financial reforms in the government regarding their activities with the indigenous populations, including a report labelled “An Essay on Contemporary Terramatrix Development”, that is considered a standard by today’s scholars on the subject. While some might tolerate his liberal views, none in the government supported it, and within a year, he was back in Mercado, working as a clerk in the local canning mill.

In 3002, he was working for Canning Industries Ltd. as an accountant, and within a year had turned the finances completely around and made it highly profitable. Within two years, it was turning enough profits to buy new equipment and by 3006, he had invested profits heavily enough in one local (failing) textile factory to begin to have an influence in that company’s development. By 3009, he was the CEO of Canning, and sat on the board of industry for Green Textiles. He managed to interest off-world investment in their factories, and by 3011 had managed to create enough interest to support the production of a new company, collectively placing the fate of both company’s in the same basket. In 3012, the Mercado Industrial Group was born.

During the early efforts of rebuilding the local military into a viable and capable professional military, he closely backed the rise of * “The Iron Dingoes”, and they have consistently supported his own efforts, even selling him various parts in late-3023 that allowed him to open a third clothing production line of Star League era military one-suits that are increasingly popular as work clothes and now considered the basis for the national military’s BDU. Even the Iron Dingoes continue to base their own Light Support Equipment kits from this line.

The troubles of the Small War and the Outworld’s Flu kept his company’s profits low for several years, but the collapse of several rivals among the League of Free Nations has given Mercado a greater opportunity to acquire cheap resources and make inroads into other less-damaged national economies. Rumors persist he is close to acquiring a number of substantial concessions among several Sangrian national companies.

Today, Huarez conmtinues to control a large, and increasingly complex corporation from his family ranch, Cabana Alpina, which also acts as the company headquarters, and sits within view of the three main factories of the company. His legacy has been to help develop the economic future of his home province, and be a key figure in its changing political future. He is a devout Roman Catholic.

While his wife Anne Malherbe Gosselin has notably kept a quiet and low profile as mother of their children, she has been noted in recent news media as a devoted organizer of charity work within Mercado’s community, and often attends and supports efforts by the district’s governor President Albertina Diego. A woman of great grace, her quiet support of these efforts belies the influence she can muster among the industrialists in the district.

Their children, Sofía, Anna Dominique, and Rafael Miguel are all formerly successful students, and his eldest, Sofia has graduated from college with a Business degree, is a former award-winning athlete, and is now a young mother. His designated heir, she quietly serves as one of his part-time assistants, absorbing all he can teach her, while raising her own daughter. She is married to a young manager in the Logistics branch of her father’s company.

Both his other children have also since graduated; Anna having gone on to model and appear in various holo-novellas, and is considered one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Sangria; and Rafael having since moved on to become a musician and performer. Raphael has a reputation as a notorious scoundrel and womanizer, but has recently changed his perspective and seems to be settling down with his latest girlfriend Krista Rehn, a noted Darrian holo-actress and former cheerleader of the Universidad, Garcia “Rock Vipers”, introduced by his sister.

Executive Administrator Hernando Huarez

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