Lord Administrator Tokimune Hojo

CEO of Aegira Technologies


“Be strong, embrace the divine wind, and you will reach enlightenment.”

Lord Administrator Tokimune Hojo is the CEO of Aegira Technologies, a high-tech corporation that has recently established itself in System – Dumassas. He is noted as a ruthless and daring leader for his company, and leads his clan in an uncompromising manner, viewing Bushido as not just a tradition, but a means by which one can bring balance to one’s life and the people around them.

A skilled diplomat and administrator, Tokimune is a deeply philosophical man, driven largely by a belief in Zen Buddhism, and champions the way of the Bushido. His patronage of these philosophies is reflected in the way he does business, and the corporate structure of his people and the Hojo clan.

He has a younger brother, Tsunanari (born in 2994), and his son and heir is Ujimasa, who was born in 3017, something which many claim was part of his desire to move his son’s legacy to a position of safety and potential for growth.



Hojo Clan Insignia

Born in 2993, the eldest son of his family clan, and eighth of his line, Tokimune Hojo was rigorously groomed to lead his clan, and at the age of eighteen, he inherited both fortune and title. He quickly took the reins of his family fortunes and proved to have both an iron will and a great desire for his people’s well being.

The first few years of his leadership were dominated by constant threats against his company by both rivals in the corporate and political arenas. After the fifth attempt on his life, he decided the time had come to look into a new venue of production, and was immediately given the opportunity to move the entire company into the Periphery, by securing the sponsorship of Excalibur Corporation.

Securing key resources for his production chain, the company began moving less critical assets and infrastructure via DropShip to System – Dumassas in 3018, slowly building their presence and resources. In 3027, the company boldly mothballed their production lines, and within a month, had packed off the remainder of their assets and personnel, and abandoned their holdings in the Draconis Combine. Their rivals in Keshiro Technologies were caught flat-footed, and unabel to rally support quickly enough to block the move, allowing the company to safely remove itself to a private complex in the town of Solano.

Once positioned under the umbrella of The New Republic of Sangria, the company began rebuilding its infrastructure and securing its new status as a major corporate player in the isolated frontier. The company secured numerous valuable parts contracts with Excalibur, as well as several local national governments, and was bolstered by the company’s project in building Star Forge Yards, and a lucrative trade of key JumpShip parts into the Taurian Concordat.

Today, Tokimune leads his clan into a new age of potential prosperity, and has become a big player in the economy of the constellation, forging itself and its future by his bold moves.

Lord Administrator Tokimune Hojo

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