MechWarrior Hendricks MacKracken - "The Iron Duke"

War Veteran


MechWarrior Hendricks MacKracken, or more commonly, “The Iron Duke”, is a war veteran who has lost more “rides” than even he can remember. He possesses a hard attitude, but is able to counter it with actual experience enough to be capable of taking orders and doing them.

The Iron Duke pilots a CRB-27 Crab in the 1st Reserve Lance of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”.


The Iron Duke is a veteran pilot haunted by decades of warfare. He is quiet regarding his origins, but is obviously a Davion pilot, and the faded WArren March Militia badge on his BDU says enough.

The Iron Duke was promoted to full MechWarrior in late-3023, following his unit’s contract on System – Serenity.

MechWarrior Hendricks MacKracken - "The Iron Duke"

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