Lieutenant JG Jayson "Jace" Stratton

Lead Star Marine of the Skunkwerks Detachment


Lt JG Jayson “Jace” Stratton is the lead officer of the marines security detachment assigned to the * “The Skunkwerks”. Although much of his time is spent in training his force of relatively new troopers, there is a lot of “down-time” for this unit, and as such, many of its troopers have picked-up skills in zero-G operations, weapons maintenance and taken an active interest in Exo-Ball. They are quickly becoming quite good at the sport.

Jace is a Regular NPC Star Marine, with skills in Survival (Urban), Freefall (Zero-G), and is a growing marksman. He has also taken an interest in piloting a shuttle, and is known to spend time with the bridge crew of “The Freedom of the Stars” studying star charts and other navigational equipment.

He has a girlfriend, Thecelia, who has expressed an interest in one day becoming a marine along with him, after her daughter is grown enough to be independent. He is missing the upper part of his left ear from a near miss during boarding operations on the Star Talon.


Jayson Stratton is the orphaned son of civilians from System – Dunkelheim, and joined the unit during the heavy recruitment drive the unit engaged in as their operations ended on that world, enlisting as a common trooper. During the drive to create more marines, he was found to be physically capable of wearing the exo-suits needed for the task, and quickly rose to the attention of Captain Michael “Mad Mike” Vincent and promotion to leadership of his own squad as a “Senior Trooper”.

Jace has since fought in many of the important boarding operations in the early years of the Dingoes activities, culminating in the storming and capture of the “Star Talon”. His proactive attitude and leadership skills then earned him promotion to JG Lieutenant and the leadership of the small marines detachment of StarGuards marines protecting the unit’s science division.

As lead soldier of the “Midnight Squads” attached to the Iron DIngoes science division, Jace follows the maxim of “…always strive for the light. Don’t give up. Keep striving. Stay in the light…”. A religious man, Jace has had his doubts about a higher power, especially after watching the numerous innocents harmed during his career as a mercenary, but has renewed his faith through saving a girl and her mother during the closing weeks of operations in San Succi, in 3021. He has since become her lover and maintains a small house in Garrison for them, where she works as a clothier.

Lieutenant JG Jayson "Jace" Stratton

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