Governor Jenna Marcuro

Governor of the Duchy of Tharn


Governor Jenna Marcuro is a financial maestro. Jenna Marcuro is in her early 40s, slight of build with auburn, bob-cut hair and attractive, wide grey-green eyes. Figures are her forte. Marcuro is a Veteran NPC Administrator.

Jenna is easy company; witty, astute, and with a ready laugh, she also has an acerbic sense of humour quite fitting for Belter company. She maintains rigid control over station finances, knowing precisely what the station can (and cannot) afford and ensuring that its financial direction is always headed towards strength.

It was her advice that mining operations for “The Factory” were a dead-end. She believed, instead, that focus on services, provided by The Factory through repairs, maintenance and its The Factory – The Zócalo services were the future. Once operational, she felt the facility could turn a substantial profit within five years, and was largely proven true.


Governor Tech Marcuro served as a senior financial officer with Excalibur Corporation for a decade before leaving to work as an independent. She is considered an expert in Belt Economics and trade strategies, and was personally responsible for engineering Excalibur’s 18% increase in profitability in System – Cassandra during the last two-year period of her tenure with the company.

She left Excalibur, because she was becoming increasingly unhappy with the corporation’s financial strategy – even though she was influential in its formation. Boardroom back-stabbing was creating a very unhealthy atmosphere which Jenna wanted to distance herself from; when asked to consider being “The Factory”’s financial officer, in return for a generous stipend, she gladly accepted.

Marcuro worked as CFO of the Factory for the next five years, fulfilling her personal mandate to see the facility be a profitable venture. In early-3026, the Dingoes Command Council offered her the opportunity to take over as Governor of their latest landhold, the * Duchy of Tharn, and she quickly accepted. She took control of the governorship of the nation in June 3026, and quickly placed her mark in the local government, through her strong understanding of trade and firm belief in a meritocracy.

This latter fact is perhaps what marks her changes to the bureaucracy most strikingly; by offering financial rewards and promotions to those who adapted fastest to an electronically-based and technological approach to government, the more educated members of the bureaucracy rose the the top. As most of these were younger women who had never been given an opportunity to excel, they became the most upwardly mobile members of the government, and quickly began to fill the top positions therein. Their loyalty to their new governor was immediate.

In early-3032, she was tasked with establishing a working relationship with both The Duchy of Horn and The Duchy of Windward to bring those two realms into The Commonwealth of Nations. * Duchy of Tharn itself began operating under the aegis of that organization, making overtures to join the organization a few weeks later, as the Commonwealth was suddenly faced with a change in its general purpose and objective; from a planetary defensive group to a regional one.

Governor Jenna Marcuro

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