Jeremiah White "Lucius"

Grandson of Colonel White


Believed to be the son of Major Koko White “Azrael”, “Lucius” is an enigma.

Lucius has a pale complexion with increasingly long, fair hair and pinkish-red eyes. He has a small scar diagonally underneath his left eye. He tends to dress in a light blue and white clothing, an exception to the rest of the crew he usually associates with, as they with the exception of Consort Jessica White “Ariel” and his mother, wear military uniforms of the Haven Consoritum. Lucius has also worn various standard equipment and uniforms when required in formal situations. Several young girls have commented on his being “cute”. He has grown to be as tall as his mother, and can be quite intimidating when required.

Lucius has an aversion to guns, but willingly uses them if needed, and is always armed. He also acts as the personal assistant to his mother, Azrael, and has displayed an intelligence far beyond his apparent years, even while still young. Lucius continues to call her “Mother” openly, and is the only one in her group, beyond her personal guard and lover, Valmet, to call her anything other than Azrael or Major.

Despite his young age and apparent personal aversions, Lucius is a highly skilled soldier. He has excellent tactical instincts and is proficient with all manner of firearms, which he could handle accurately despite his once young age. Lucius also uses a variety of blade weapons but has not added knife fighting to his list of skills. He should be considered a Regular Soldier NPC. He can drive, and is known to have basic pilots skills for VTOLs and fixed-wing aircraft, learned early in his life. He is also very stealthy when he want to be, and can uncannily disappear into a crowd with little effort.

Lucius seems to have a sixth sense of being able to detect an enemy, determine how many there are are and their approximate location, and because of his background is used to operating in mountainous terrain. Lucius also has an intuitive sense of suspecting and responding to danger and very good reflexes. He seems highly resistant to drugs or other intoxicants. He has been tutored in math, sciences, and languages despite his roving youth, though he lacks a full grasp of basic math and tends to use his fingers to calculate.



Lucius tends to be quiet and rarely smiles, and it is unusual for him to laugh. His past is murky, and despite his attachment to his mother, Major Koko White “Azrael”, dislikes arms dealers and openly disdains guns. Nevertheless, he is always armed and shows no hesitation to using them when required.

Lucius has a maturity beyond his years, having a tendency to largely keep his thoughts to himself and not openly complain. He shows an aversion to medical personnel, and avoids doctors and medical treatments. His one compassion seems to be small children, especially orphans he encounters at the various war camps he visits. He shows no attraction to a pretty face or body, and is not an eager student, ditching any technical discussions for other similar pursuits.

He is apparently the only person who can eat his own cooking without getting sick.

The exact origins of Lucius remain unknown, as well as his father. He has always accompanied his mother from an early age, and a well-trained soldier from even his earliest age. Today, he operates largely as her secretary, and is very much his mother’s quiet shadow and bodyguard; whenever Koko is encountered, he is always lurking about, observing.

It was revealed in early-3031 during a discussion with his “grandmother”, that he is the _White Clan" heir.

Jeremiah White "Lucius"

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