Master Techs John and Susan Gibbons

Command Support Staff of the Iron Dingoes.


A young married couple, they are skilled cooks and both are capable of driving transports. They possess a small hover truck loaded with their worldly possessions, and are seemingly happy to work for the PCs as support staff. They have proven to be a welcome addition to the unit, maintaining the base camp and providing countless hours of work to keep everyone well-fed, assisted by several other “Dependents”.


Formerly of the forgettable community of Custer in the northern territory region of the Black Hills of Claybrooke. Planning to leave the failing boomtown, the couple sold all their foodstuffs to the PCs and were hired to provide them with “real food” something the former prisoners haven’t had in over a year… and Susan’s morning bacon omlettes are to die for…

The pair have become the leaders of among the Dependents of the unit. They are assisted by Senior Tech Vera Weatherly, who looks after some of the less glamorous aspects of daily ship-board life, such as organizing cleaning and barracks, and Senior Tech Glenda Wright, who has taken over much of the prep work for the growing number of Dingoes troopers.

The couple have recently been promoted, and number as the first actual staff of the Iron Dingoes, showing great loyalty and trust to the unit. They remain as senior logistics staff, and have taken a position as senior techs in the Dingos support staff, a position analogous to a master sergeant.

Master Techs John and Susan Gibbons

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