Captain (S-4) John Gibbons

S-4 Supply/Financial Officer of the Iron Dingoes


John Gibbons is the chief financial officer of * “The Iron Dingoes”, and operates from offices in Garrison.

Fairly laid-back and easy-going, John Gibbons is still quite smart, and sharp regarding the finances he has control over, which are actually much larger than might be expected, particularly with the monies brought in by the unit’s various landholds and mercenary contracts. He has taken to studying various Protocols as well as salvage laws, as these have proven an important part of the unit’s financial future.

He has taken charge of the (S-4) Logistics operations of the unit, which manages the wide scope of material, transport services and (in theory) the medical/health support for the Iron Dingoes organization as a whole. In practice, he simply works very closely with Doctor (Major) Delphine Young in this latter role, allowing her great leeway in her operations, particularly given the often wide-spread personnel, and need for constant resupply to keep the unit’s personnel in top form.

He is married to Senior Lieutenant Susan Gibbons, who oversees the general personnel of the unit, and while their tasks keep them apart for days at a time, each weekend, they meet back together at their shared home in Garrison, and have a “date night”. Most folk in the Dingoes see them as the ideal status for dependents to aspire to.


The history of John and Susan Gibbons can be read here.

When the unit reorganized its officers and leadership in early-3043, he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and took on the responsibility of lead (S-4) Supply/Financial Officer to the entire unit. It is expected that in a few years he will likely be further promoted to full Major, once he has proven himself in his current rank.

Captain (S-4) John Gibbons

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