Julia Dalgado

Queen of the Dead


Julia Dalgado is a fairly non-descript individual, but those who know her name, know that she is more than this. A growing power in the criminal underworld of * Landhold : Garrison, she is a Regular Criminal Leader NPC, leading the Dead criminal gang. While most outsiders believe her “boyfriend” Shiller “The Sword” Verril leads the group as its warlord, the more astute know who really leads the gang.

Born and raised in the farms south of Ciudad Garcia, Dalgado was poor for most of her life. Rumor claims she was in love with a minor drug dealer who worked out of the capital, until his sudden death in a changing of the guard in one gang for another. She escaped to the pastoral quiet of Garrison, just as the Dingoes began to make their mark on The District of Garcia, and fell in with a local gang, slowly working her way up the leadership food chain until The Dead came to power in the community, and she alongside her lover their leader.

In recent years, her lover Shiller proved to be a good warlord, but a horrible businessman, and Dalgado quickly took over the business aspects of the gang, making it prosperous and legitimizing their appearance through land ownership. Today, there are few who question her acumen or her position as the brains behind the organization, but her lover still possesses a brutal temperament and is not one to easily cross, particularly when it comes to his “…pretty little girl…” Dalgado.

She is often referred to as the “Queen of the Dead” by members in the criminal underground, and her star has yet to fully rise.



The Dead are engaged in fairly minor crimes in the region, primarily operating several prostitution rings, and at least one protection racket in the town itself; they have, under the tenure of Dalgado, scrupulously avoided major crimes such as hard drugs, weapons smuggling and other factors which might attract the wrong sort of attention.

They have slowly converted their illegal income over the last few years into sponsorship of several tenements and are one of the leading land owners within the township of Garrison, a fact which has helped them greatly cover their operations. Unknown to most, they also have many of the “legitimate businessmen” in the region closely under their control, who pay the Dead for the right to operate in Garrison.

The gang, numbering roughly fifty members, tag their holdings with a stylized “noose” symbol, and tend to favor black leathers. They have access to more than a dozen motorcycles, a dozen hover cars and at least two Light Utility Transports. The gang operates from their tenements, as well as two parking garages which they use to cover their constant movement to keep their opponents guessing as to where they maintain their headquarters.

Unlike most of their competition, the Dead are highly organized and their operation resembles more of a polished business than a street gang. IN addition to their “professional” appearance, they are known for their sudden and ruthless reaction to threats leveled against them.

Perhaps ironically, a recent push against drugs and weapons dealing by Iron Dingoes operatives and the local Federales, led to the capture and elimination of many of the gang’s rivals, actually improving their status in the criminal community. Increasingly, weaker gangs have begun to desperately engage in drive-by shootings against the gang, and in some instances, the Dead have been actively protected by civilians who commonly carry their guns openly in the streets.

Recruitment seems like an easy task for the gang, should they desire to increase their numbers, but they seem in no rush to increase their profile in the local community beyond their present status.

Julia Dalgado

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