Captain Paul Kalishka

Commander of "The Unforgiven" Mercenary Company


Captain Paul Kalishka was the commander of The Unforgiven, a veteran jump infantry mercenary company. In addition to his Veteran NPC Jump Infantry Trooper status, he is well-trained in Leadership, Tactics and Strategy. He has few other marketable skills beyond soldiering, and had little purpose beyond his career and his concern for the troops under his command, who remain his only family.

In mid-3027, he dissolved his mercenary company, and took a leading position at * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, where he presently teaches various infantry tactics and strategy courses. He resides in * Landhold : Garrison, where he keeps a small house in the Nowhere neighborhood.


Born in 2966, Captain Kalishka was a House Davion infantry officer who served for fifteen years. He retired from his position in the Islambad Crucis March Militia upon hearing about the brutal slaughter of his family by a bandit raid in 3007. Determined to seek revenge, he took his pension and contacts among other retiring soldiers, and founded a mercenary force that could travel the Periphery and eventually punish the miscreants. Eventually, in 3019, he tracked the group down on Tortuga, and destroyed them to a man.

Over the years as commander of his mercenary unit, he had managed to hold them together, but slowly lost his youthful zeal for combat, taking increasingly sedate contracts as a garrison or cadre force. He used the unit’s experience and the fact that they are jump infantry, to gain easy contracts, but since most of his troopers were also approaching their own “retirement” age, they were okay with this.

After taking a mercenary contract with* “The Iron Dingoes” in late-3024, he eventually took them up on their offer to settle the unit, and in mid-3027 officially dissolved the company. Its troopers largely retired to various teaching positions within the Iron Dingoes organization, as well as several took permanent positions in the military forces themselves. Several of these troopers have gone into senior positions in its ever-increasing infantry developments.

Today, “Captain” Kalishka lives a fairly bucolic life as an instructors with the War Dogs College, and has a place of honor among its educators. He and many of his former officers, have been tapped for his experience by the Command Council, as they plan to upgrade the 4th (Paratrooper) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Yarará” into a full “Jump” Infantry battalion.

Captain Paul Kalishka

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