Colonel Kanto Jokukad "Pitbull", Duke of Tharn

Ex-Patriate of House Kurita, MP : Commander of the Iron Dingoes


A former MP, “Pitbull” is the former Unit S-5 (Civilian Liaison), and well-trained in security and civilian liaison duties. He is often browsing with other units and seems capable of “acquiring” many items, goods and personnel the unit might need in any given situation, or that unit logistics demands. Pitbull was promoted to “XO” with the sudden departure of “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice”, and has since been promoted to full Colonel, and taken command of the entire Iron Dingoes military organization.

Pitbull is considered the best pilot and gunner in the unit, and presently pilots one of the unit’s larger Mechs, a highly modified BLR-1G Battlemaster. Pitbull has wears The Fisher King’s Neurohelmet in his Mech.

In the field, Pitbull tends to direct younger members of the unit, critiquing their actions and keeping the battles short and fierce. His promotion to Colonel is a mark of the tactical abilities Pitbull has developed, and he holds the undisputed leader of the Dingoes when deployed in the field. He is arguably the best pilot in the unit, and his position in one of the unit’s heaviest Mechs, a heavily modified HGN-732 Highlander, ensures he can dominate a firefight. His Mech has also been outfitted with various Star League era weaponry, and has been modified to employ energy weapons almost exclusively, with few heat issues.


Originally from House Kurita, Pitbull does not appear to be of “cultured” Japanese origins, but rather betrays a history of time with the darker side of Kurita culture, the Oyabun. He is direct and rarely minces words, sometimes plainly so, and not easily given over to subtlety. His call-sign of Pitbull comes from his tenacious attitude at achieving a personal goal, and never letting it rest, though others claim it comes from his bark not being worse than his bite…

As Unit S-5 (Civilian Liaison), Pitbull was also the unit scrounger, always on the look-out for salvage and contacts that can help both the unit and himself in the future. He is the lead negotiator in all contract discussions with civilian personnel or contractors the unit might hire. The “day-to-day” potential employees and pilots are often given over to the unit S-1 (Personnel), Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate”. In command meetings, it is his voice that often carries a great deal of weight, due to his skills as a pilot and sheer force of personality.

He has chosen Tech Alexander Talbot “Elminster” as his personal lead tech, a man proven to be a good at his work, but also an artist and closet writer. His personal assistant in logistics and administration, is a talented young graduate from The Duchy of Horn’s technical college, Charlotte Yates-Wexcombe.

Following the retirement of Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” (then Colonel) in late-3023, Pitbull was promoted to full Colonel following a Command Council vote, and took command of the unit’s military endeavors. He has displayed an increasing savvy with command and politics, and has allowed the lance leaders to take a direct hand in directing their own forces.


Royal Seal of the Duchy of Tharn

On March 5th, 3026, Pitbull ascended to the position of the Duke of Tharn, and took command of the * Duchy of Tharn on behalf of the Iron Dingoes as their latest landhold. It was recognized early that the development of this largesse would take time and careful effort, but the immediate difficulties of searching for their enemy on the planet, REAPER would occupy his early attentions. Nonetheless, he spent several days organizing the bureaucracy and existing military of the realm, before setting in search of this foe.

Colonel Kanto Jokukad "Pitbull", Duke of Tharn

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