Karl Lotjonen

CEO of "Five Rings Shipping"


Karl Lotjonen is a self-made man. He had built his shipping company, “Five Rings Shipping” from nothing, into an interface trade company that specialized in rare luxury and other expensive goods from the Davion Outback, bound for markets on System – Taurus and throughout the local star cluster. He owned numerous other businesses in both Joshua’s Station, and on the surface of Taurus, itself. He is said to have a legendary series of contacts, from his earlier travels across the local region.

Lotjonen is a Veteran NPC Corporate Executive. In addition he has some experience leading DropShip and AeroSpace forces, and is reputed to be a fairly capable small craft pilot.


Karl Lotjonen was born on Joshua’s Station in 2963. Exceptionally bright and curious, young Karl had no trouble gaining entrance to the Taurian Naval Academy in 2980 and subsequently graduated with honors. During his years in the Navy, he became a decorated pilot and eventually retired in 3001, with the effective rank of Commodore.

He spent the next few years travelling extensively, engaging in numerous pursuits, and generally dropping off the grid for months at a time. It is said he accumulated his extensive network of contacts during these travels, and spent some time as a LosTech prospector, in addition to information broker and mercenary Aero pilot.

Lotjonen dislikes wasting time. He is given to decisions of impulse, but his instincts have proven extremely capable. He is known to be very vocal of the direction the Taurian Navy is taking of late, and speaks loudly about its failures in both the AeroSpace’s pilots and AeroFighter development. He was said to be working with various members of the naval command to make fundamental changes to the training programs and deployment of assets.

In August 29th, 3018, a series of terrorist activities aboard Joshua’s Station were linked to Lotjonen and his trade corporation, through a little-known organization called The Principii. Reputedly a non-violent movement within the Taurian’s own military, they had been tied to the increasingly numerous bombings on the station, culminating in teh destruction of Masemune Forge, a Skunk Works portion of Taurian Armor Works, that was engaged in some hush-hush government projects. This included the disappearance of a government prototype Mech, and it was said he and his allies engaged in some sort of civil war, culminating in the death of the nation’s War Minister, Alexander Itangre. The survivors of the Principii had fled the station with various military and transport assets to an unknown location within the Pleiades Cluster.

Over the past few years, the Principii have been said to be engaged in piracy and raids against Davion assets of a commercial and military nature. It is assumed that Lotjonen is based with the main force of these efforts, directing them in their actions.

Karl Lotjonen

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