Trooper Katheryn "Kat" Iris

Young Dingoes Recruit


Trooper Katheryn “Kat” Iris is a pilot of a GLD-4R Gladiator in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, serving directly under LtJG Jena Malone “Rocket”.

A capable junior member of the Iron Dingoes, “Kat” is a pretty young woman who is best when in her Mech’s cockpit. A Green Mech Pilot NPC, she is known for her personal ethic towards physical fitness, and spends her free time running and in other activities. Kat also has a talent towards strategy and planning, and often works with her lance commander to “… crunch the numbers…”.


An orphan at the age of six, “Kat” lost her civilian father to cancer at the age of three, and her mother three years later to the same disease. Her twin brothers, Austin and Joseph were also fostered to different parents at the same time.

Kat entered the Children Crèche in Garrison, and was raised with the intent she would serve her adopted family when the time came. She excelled at her studies, and tested positive to move into a military career when she transferred to the Military Academy.

She graduated in 3028, and was recruited as an AsTech and pilot alternate by the Dead Man’s Hand, and promoted into a salvaged GLD-4R Gladiator to replace a pilot who retired during their last contract, in 3030.

Upon return from the unit’s contract with the Aurigan Restoration in late-3031, she was promoted to full Trooper.

Trooper Katheryn "Kat" Iris

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