Trooper Marguerite Phillano

Young woman of many secrets


Trooper Marguerite Phillano is a talented young woman from House Davion, whose skills include AeroSpace pilot, various martial skills and an ability with linguistics and diplomacy. She recently began working as a fusion technician, and is capable of doing simple maintenance routines on DropShip and JumpShip engines and drives.

Trooper Phillano is a Regular NPC SpecOps. She specializes in knife work, close quarters and martial arts skills. In the Dingoes Fangs, she also provides AeroSpace piloting skills, filling a needed niche, often as the pilot of that unit’s Freefall Drop APC, also maintaining the vehicle for the unit on occasion.


Trooper Marguerite Phillano is very young-appearing, looking to be in her late 20s, when in truth, she’s in her mid thirties (36). Serving as a steward aboard the Interstellar Queen, she did not display any special skills. When the ship was captured, she went through interrogations with everyone else, where (then Marshl) Senior Tech Ralston Allen spotted her, immediately asking her to join him aboard his shuttle as an LC. Her former crew was surprised (and a little betrayed) when she did. She quickly gained the title of “Kindred”, and was widely known as Marshal Allen’s companion and shuttle pilot. All of her former crew avoided her and stopped speaking and associating with her, except her former roommate, Senior Tech Glenda Wright.

Marguerite’s appearance is deceptive, and she makes full use of it. In reality, she was an MIIO deep-cover operative, assigned to identify the source of the recent attacks and piracy that had arisen in the Federated Suns Outback regions near the Reaver’s Rift. Following a lead, she took working passage aboard the Interstellar Queen, hoping to get into the region and find access to a black market hub, eventually getting access to a pirate ship as crew or someone’s companion. No one expected her ship to fall prey to the Star Talons, nor that they would be this close to the apparent source of this problem. “Luck” and destiny had combined.

In the years since, she has gathered a working knowledge of their tactics, the size of their resources, and she has even learned of the existence of “Pirate’s Haven”, or “Death’s Head” as some have called it. Her strong-willed nature is well known among the her fellows, and her skill in the use of the knife is attributed to her recent skills, not the fact she’s a trained expert with it from her MIIO training. Everyone claims she was Marshal Allen’s consort, but in truth, she was more like an adopted daughter, keeping their quarters clean, assisting him when he did maintenance cycles, and listening to his stories (many of which have garnered her the intelligence she has) late into the night. Few know she had quietly supplied medical supplies and vitamin supplements to the LCs on both the Starlight Seduction and the Star Talon, through her friend Tech Wright.

She was aware of Captain Jonas’ impending implosion, and proved the most capable of bringing him and his shadowy cabal of supporters down. At present, she serves aboard the “Pandora’s Box” in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” as a general support trooper, specializing in knife and martial arts work. It has been suggested she take on a more active role in training the unit’s recruits while they are on their Cadre contract. For now, she’s willing to prove herself to the unit and work hard to maintain her skills.

Trooper Marguerite Phillano

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