Captain Katherine von Drachenberg "Thorn"

Leader of the "Urban Blight"


Captain Katherine von Drachenberg is the leader of The Urban Blight, a small mercenary BattleMech company that is renowned for their almost exclusive use of UM-R60 UrbanMech, and penchant for marginal garrison contracts.

Something of a minor celebrity on Solaris, “Thorn” is a good Mech pilot, but also known for her love of fringe music and with a history of dating musicians. She is presently married to the pilot of her company’s remaining DropShip, who is something of a musician as well. She is also good at basic Tactics, is a fair Mechanic and Mech Tech, but is primarily a talented Veteran BattleMech NPC Pilot.

She is also known for the large number of tattoos that adorn her body, mostly of former (and often dead) mercenary companies and musicians that have had an influence in her life.


Despite a reputation for serial dating musicians, and a rocky history of trying to keep her mercenary company afloat, little is known of Thorn’s history. She and her unit are presently working a marginal contract for The New Republic of Sangria.

Captain Katherine von Drachenberg "Thorn"

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