Engineer Kylen Celina West

Engineer of the Pandora's Box


Wife and long-time fiancée of Trooper Nathan West “King of Hearts”, Kylen is a Ship’s Engineer serving aboard the “Pandora’s Box”. She is rated as a Regular Engineer NPC, and has extensive experience around fusion engines and repair work.

Traditionally wearing work fatigues and with an ever-present shoulder-bag stuffed with her favorite components and tools, she also wears a gunbelt and a worn pistol she managed to pull from someone during the rush to flee Claybrooke. She also has an engineer’s vac-suit and several spare bottles of oxygen in her quarters.


Engineer Kylen Celina West was a straight student and managed to get a planetary scholarship to the technical college at New Denver, where she gained a degree in Fusion Physics and DropShip Design. She served as a civilian agent at various facilities across the planet, but found herelf drawn more and more to the burgeoning munitions plants in Deadwood, as they expanded their facilities and power-generating needs.

During one such trip she became acquainted with and eventually fell in love with Trooper Nathan West, vowing to wait until his terms of service in the military were over, before marriage and the pair settled down.

While fulfilling her last contract position, it became apparent she planned to leave, and agents of Colonel Chestine decided to capture and replace her with a corpse of some luckless harlot, in an effort ot gain free access to her valuable skills. She spent nearly a year as a prisoner, working in the plants and fearing for her future. The Iron DIngoes assault on the town of Deadwood and the efforts of the Snow Dusters allowed her to flee to freedom, and managed to once more be with her beloved Nathan. The pair fled with the Snow Dusters when they abandoned Claybrooke, and quickly found a place among its membership.

Now serving as a senior engineer aboard the DropShip “Pandora’s Box”, Kylen has since married her fiancée, and serves with loyalty in the support crew of that DropShip.

Kylen is a pleasure to work with, having put her past hardship behind her, and is often at the center of social activities aboard her present home. Her fun-loving nature makes her popular among the crews and soldiers of the Line Combat Groups of the Iron Dingoes. She is given to wearing coveralls and durable civilian attire rather than military fatigues, and is rarely seen in something more formal.

Engineer Kylen Celina West

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